Lesley Michaels

Lesley Michaels was born to feminism. Her foundational ethos was shaped by her audacious paternal grandmother who was a 1st wave feminist and savvy businesswoman. At age 16 Lesley made her way to NYC to join the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment, the cultural transformation that was the zeitgeist of the late 1960s. The experience of these early years fighting for women’s equality would inform Lesley’s entire life.

Lesley’s body of unique life experiences have provided her with a first-hand understanding of the daily struggles faced by women of every race, culture, and sexual orientation. On the Shoulders of Mighty Women is a tribute to the power and grace of those who came before and the ones who will follow, the warriors and the fallen. This book is one more way Lesley found to amplify the voice, energy, experience-based understandings, and compassion of women fighting for equality, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Women are the Embodiment of Resilience

The greatest gift we can give those around us is to challenge their status quo.

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Each week Lesley shares conversations with women from around the world who are challenging the status quo and busting through old paradigms. From leaders in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to women who are creating new inroads for women to achieve business leadership roles, the women who appear on Women We Should Know are inspirations. Each of them generously shares their wisdom to help all women discover new ways to uplift themselves and expand their influence. Funny, moving, progressive, and committed, the insights and actionable approaches these women share are generating engagement and building communities of women’s alliance.  

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During our quiet period of 2020, Lesley turned her full attention to the specific challenges women face in professional hemispheres. Continuing inequalities and the exploding increase of women-to-women incivility reported from Forbes to HBR are causing many to walk away. They are losing their dream and both industry and the world are losing leaders of tremendous merit.

Courage is a skillset.

This is the time for women to claim their place, wherever that may be and at whatever level of leadership they seek.  If you’re ready to learn actionable approaches with proven results to move beyond the limitations you’ve seen as barriers, Lesley is excited to guide you through mastering the tools to Shatter Your Own Glass Ceilings.