Shattering Your Own

Glass Ceilings

Shattering Your Own Glass Ceilings provides actionable practices, proven effective in resetting mindsets that limit women’s influence, agency, and advancement.

Women make up 50.53% of the population while receiving only 33.342% of the national income. The year is 2022, yet women are still not paid equal to their male counterparts.

Research from top-tier universities reveals that:

75% of executive women experience regular episodes of imposter syndrome.

62% of professional women are regularly plagued with perfectionism.

63% of women have never had a personal coach or mentor.

The absence of a strong Social Capital base is a notable contributor to the gender pay gap.

A significant restriction for many women seeking to rise to leadership is their aversion to developing strategic networking skills.

Shattering Your Own
Glass Ceilings

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