Shattering Your Own Glass Ceilings

Women make up 50.53% of the population while receiving only 33.342% of the national income. The year is 2022, yet women are still not paid equal to their male counterparts. Research from top-tier universities reveals that: 75% of executive women experience regular episodes of imposter syndrome. 62% of professional women are regularly plagued with perfectionism. 63% of women have never had a personal coach or mentor. The absence of a strong Social Capital base is a notable contributor to the gender pay gap. A significant restriction for many women seeking to rise to leadership is their aversion to developing strategic networking skills. Shattering Your Own Glass Ceilings provides actionable practices, proven effective in resetting mindsets that limit women’s influence, agency, and advancement.

Lesley Michaels was born to feminism and was later one of the first women to break through the glass ceiling in the “old boy” industry of oil and gas. Infected by entrepreneurialism she developed and sold several small businesses, while simultaneously becoming a leader in the coaching/mentoring industry. Lesley has mentored Fortune 500 C-Suite executives, individuals within the financially privileged sector, and celebrities.

Her body of unique life experiences have provided her with a first-hand understanding of the daily struggles faced by women of every race, culture, and sexual orientation as addressed in her new book, On the Shoulders of Mighty Women.  

Lesley facilitates the virtual programs: Developing Women’s Strategic Alliance, and Exceptional Leadership; A Masterclass for Women. Lesley also hosts the weekly podcast; Women We Should Know, and will be delivering her TED talk early winter of 2023, Lift One With You, As You Rise.

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