A free, highly interactive day of

Learning to Cultivate Audacious Action

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Align with an Amazing Group of Leaders Dedicated to Creating a Powerful Organization of Women Focused on Collective Support

What You’ll Learn During the Audacious Action Event

  • Build collaborative Teams That Elevate Each Member’s Strengths with Strategic Alliance expert Lesley Michaels
  • How to Override Competition to Expand Collaboration Between and Among Women with Organizational Development Expert Janine Hamner-Holman
  • How to Be Greater than Average with STEM expert, Dr Shelly Guernig
  • How to Successfully Address the Wage Disparities Limiting Women with micro-business expert Jackie Nagel
  • The 5 Essentials Elements for Building a Winning Team with Personal Development expert, Dr Karin Lubin EdD
  • Breath and Voice Techniques that will Elevate Your Public and Professional Speaking with, 35yr Veteran of NYC stage Sandra Bargman


We’ll be sharing specific strategies, techniques, daily habits and initiatives that you can put into action RIGHT AWAY to elevate your skillset.


This Is the Beginning of a True Organization and Alliance Of, For and By Women

Meet Your Strategic Alliance Experts:

Lesley Michaels

Self-Trust Expert

Having spent decades living and traveling throughout Europe, the US, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, Lesley Michaels fell in love with humanity and discovered her own missing puzzle piece, self-trust.

Settling in a tiny mountain town in northeastern New Mexico to study the brain-science behind trust, she now shares practices based in science for developing unwavering self-trust. with all the great loves of her life, people from around the world, both long-known and recently met. She also guides women in expanding their influence and sense of self through the development of Strategic Alliances.


Janine Hamner-Holman

Global Disruption: A Crisis of Uncertainty

Janine Hamner Holman was originally trained as a community organizer in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn NY in the mid-1980s. It was there that she first remembers asking the question that has become the hallmark of her work as a business and management consultant: why is this happening and how can I help?

Janine uses science-based tools and techniques to help organizations create a high-trust organization so that people are high performing, profoundly inspired and deeply committed. She has worked with everything from small local nonprofits to Fortune 200 companies…and everything in between.



Jackie Nagle

From Cancer to Walking the Santiago Trail and Topping Mt. Whitney

When told she would never climb a mountain or run a marathon following breast cancer, Jackie began her quest to see what’s possible. She ran her first marathon at age 50; rode her bike 525 miles in 8-days from San Francisco to Los Angeles at 55, and bagged the highest mountains in the lower 48 states at 65.

It’s this curiosity – and audacity ‑ she brings to business to spark that which is possible. Since 1997, Jackie has been collaborating with small business owners to cultivate the clarity, focus, and strategy needed to make their dreams come alive.


Karin Lubin

Seasons of Wisdom

Born in New York City, Dr Karin Lubin, EdU was raised by a Norwegian mother who fought in the resistance to Hitler and a Jewish father from Queens. Dr. Karin Lubin’s curiosity about world cultures and commitment to social justice was ignited and led to lifelong travels around the world.

Honored for her work as a teacher on a Native American reservation, Karin went on to multiple leadership challenges working as an administrator in public schools. She later formed her own coaching business and became Global Director of The Passion Test Programs. From her experience in public and private sectors, she developed a formula for consistently creating invincible, synergistic and empowered teams, what she calls WOW teams.


Dr. Shelly Gruenig

Be Greater Than Average

At age 33, she bled out in an ambulance, only to be miraculously revived. At age 51, she radically changed her own life by losing 150 pounds and gaining renewed self-confidence.

Dr Shelly Gruenig is the coach of an international award-winning robotics program and a successful online STEM Entrepreneur. This homeschool mom of three is the co-host of STEM Southwest podcast and leads clients to launch their lives by facing the fears of what is holding them back. Since 1994, Shelly has been partnering with women and families to map out their best journey to Become Greater Than Average!


Sandra Bargman

Thriving On The Edge of Everyday

As a 35+ year professional actor, singer, and voice artist, Sandra Bargman has played with more hats and costumes than can be counted and loved it all! Deeply curious and audaciously adventuresome, she has added seminary trained Inter-spiritual minister and counselor as well as business owner to her professional roles. Heartfully committed to this planet’s wellness, in 2017 Sandra trained with Al Gore to become a Climate Reality Leader.

Sandra’s hit one woman show, The Edge of Everyday, is a poignant, honest and provocative invitation to leap out of what’s safe and taste the outer limits of everything that is life.


Next Date & Time to be Announced Soon!