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Women We Should Know Podcast2021

Ep. 01 | Walking Your Right Talk

By January 4, 1970October 7th, 2022No Comments

Program Notes

We are a country that celebrates wealth and chases money under the illusion that it is the doorway to freedom. But freedom requires an ease and confidence that touches us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

On the first episode of the Women We Should Know podcast, Lesley is joined by Anne Sermons Gillis to discuss how, what the majority of us want is freedom from worry about money and the crippling addiction of worrying about money. Not the least of the resets we must achieve in order to experience freedom is learning balance in walking our talk. As Anne shares, “You can walk yourself into Hell walking your talk. So, we’ve got to be saying the things that support us and support others. We are in it together. Humanity is a team sport.” Gillis is also an interfaith minister and advocates for the absolute right to freedom of religion and affirms the truth in all religions, faiths, and spiritual traditions. Gillis publishes a weekly newsletter, The EZ Secret.

About Anne

Anne Gillis brings the wisdom gained through a lifetime of international travel, speaking, and coaching to her conversation with Lesley. She is a speaker, spiritual life coach, author of five books, and breath worker.

Gillis is the founder of the EZosophy movement. EZosophy aim to define and eliminate ego driven suffering.

Gillis also bills herself as Dr. Money, POP, Professor of Prosperity and operates the Facebook group Abundance Affirmations to encourage people to develop their prosperity skills and to develop a right relationship with money.

Anne, her husband, Jim, and their dog, Lucy and reside in Summerville, S.C. You can learn more about Anne here.

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