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Program Notes

Growing up in NYC, Sarah Berger was profoundly affected by the many people and cultures that welcomed her in. This was the beginning of her passion for promoting social justice and equity.


Join Lesley as she speaks with Sarah about her journey of carrying this focus into her career at Dartmouth College. Sarah shares her respect for the challenges of many of the students she works with and the creation of greater support within the systems of higher education. Translating the continuous learning involved into practical concrete actions, Sarah Berger, is a Senior Advisor for The Health Professions Program at Dartmouth College.

About Sarah

Sarah Berger lives in Vermont. For that last 30 years Sarah has worked as a dedicated educator, coach, and group facilitator.

What she calls her “golden thread” is the passion for connecting continuous learning with utility, powered by a love for the tangible experience of assisting.

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