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“You did a good job…for a woman” is a back-handed compliment that has followed Jane Bradley throughout her illustrious career.


Where did Jane find the audacity to go where no women had previously dared? How does she keep reinventing herself to lead and succeed in fascinating new directions?  How did disregard the, “but women can’t…..” naysayers to maintain her excitement for cutting-edge entrepreneurialism? Join as Jane shares her secrets to success, personal strength and unwavering curiosity.

From opening a major Art Gallery in her early 20’s, followed by the largest Art & Crafts Supply store and framing shop in New Mexico (Santa Fe) to being recruited the University of Arkansas as the first director of the Genesis Business Incubator to becoming involved with grants and technology transfer through the Russian Military during Perestroika, to, at the ripe young age of 78, founding one of the first online networks connecting high-level professional consultants and companies seeking their services, it is fair to say Jane Bradley has lived her entire life as a wild adventurer and serial entrepreneur.

To learn more about Jane’s latest professional development, Smartspider PROS, go to:

About Jane

Jane Bradley is a third generation New Mexican and has always had a deep and abiding love for her native state.Perhaps it is this love for all things New Mexican that led to the ambition to become the ‘Female Michelangelo of the West.’ A BFA was the natural choice and after success as a studio artist and gallery owner in Santa Fe, Jane became intrigued by the processes of business.This interest leads to additional education, followed by other varying and successful business endeavors.The ability to teach and share has been ongoing and a constant in Jane’s life.

Curiosity is the one word that most clearly defines Jane’s life. This curiosity has led to many personal and professional successes. From moving to a small hamlet in Arkansas with prince charming – to becoming the Executive Director of the Genesis Business Incubator at the University of Arkansas – to moving on to Russia during perestroika and working with technology transfer – to returning to the much loved and missed New Mexico, each new challenge was attacked with enthusiasm and determination.

‘Life has been an adventure and I have loved every minute,’ quotes Jane. ‘These unique talents that I was given – a voracious curiosity, the common sense of a rancher’s daughter, the determination to see projects through to a successful end and the ability to put people together for mutual benefit – have all led to the making of a joyous and fulfilling life.’

And now: to be the founder of SmartSpider Pros Inc. and, a unique new website that connects a wide variety of consultants with those in need of their services, is the culmination and, yes, the pinnacle of life’s lessons and achievements.


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