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Program Notes

Lesley speaks with Shelly about her journey from stay-at-home mom to leading an internationally respected robotics team of young people who will become our future STEM leaders.


Robotics is positioned to be an essential component of our future. This is now so broadly accepted that schools in five states have programs that allow kids to letter in STEM and Robotics, the same as they do for sports.

Mentoring young people to find their spark is the match that lights Shelly’s fire. Through this fascinating conversation around the importance of helping today’s kids map out their best journey to Become Greater Than Average!

About Shelly

Dr. Shelly Gruenig is the coach of an international award-winning robotics program and a successful online STEM Entrepreneur. This homeschool mom of three is the co-host of STEM Southwest podcast. Her thrill is creating an environment where kids can discover ‘their people’.  Since 1994, Shelly has been partnering with women and families to create an environment where kids can discover ‘their people’. Learn more about her work at

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