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Program Notes

Lesley is joined by Kristy LaMariana as they discuss how essential it is that, as women, we connect with the power of our own sexuality.


We are taught from a young age to relate, exclusively through our sexuality, be this through overt training or subtle messaging. Kristy speaks on how restrictive training around sexuality, has and is still having, a negative effect on women, which is overflowing onto men’s understanding of their own sexuality. She illustrates how we are living through a pandemic but we are also living through a porndemic. Through her beautifully judgment-free delivery Kristy shares understanding around the effects of our cultural perceptions of sexuality and how to move beyond these to develop a greater state of self-love and self-esteem.

About Kristy

Kristy Ross-LaMariana is a Sage Support~Mamapreneur & Holistic Guide~Founder/CEO, Author Born in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1969 Kristy was raised in Northern Virginia (McLean) outside of Washington DC. She later ventured off to Virginia Wesleyan College, now University, receiving her bachelors of science in sociology with minors in psychology and art. This was followed by receiving her masters of science in Art Psychotherapy from the Eastern Virginia Medical School.

After graduating, she moved to New York where she spent time cultivating her medicine bag with the wisdom she gleaned from studying the MARI card test in Maine (a mandala assessment tool used in Art Therapy), Eriksonian clinical hypnotherapy with a teacher who studied personally with Milton Erickson, Yoga, Native American shamanism, life after life, death, dying, loss and grief. Kristy became a Reiki Master and a Non-Denominational Interfaith Minister while studying with teachers who were in on the ground level of The Course In Miracles.

Her earliest clients gave her the opportunity and honor to learn about porn/sex addiction and women’s rights and the importance of body mind soul care.
Kristy was later honored to study life after life with Dr. Raymond Moody (he coined the term the near-death experience [nde]). Kristy studied to become a Firewalk instructor, ultimately leading corporate firewalks.

She had four boys over nine years and as they got older her entrepreneurial spirit was inspired to write a book and invent a product specifically designed to support women in developing a healthy self-image in respect to their sexuality. Her book is titled “O’Wakening.”

Her product is called O’flo and The O’Waken Foundation is her social/non-profit organization.

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