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Women We Should Know Podcast2021

Ep. 12 | Cultivating Steely Vulnerability

By July 20, 1959October 13th, 2022No Comments

Program Notes

Have you ever dared to leap into the complete unknown to chase a dream?

This was the path of Jenna Ciralli, from the quiet prairies of Montana to NYC and back again. Lesley sat down with Jenna to discuss her life as an actress, writer. nominee for an Irene Ryan Award for her performance as Liz Morden in Timberlake Wertenberger’s “Our Country’s Good,” and founder of two NYC theater companies. Jenna credits this time with building her spine, teaching her how to produce her own work and build an artistic community.

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About Jenna

In 2017 Jenna was a Webby Award Honoree for her YouTube film, “Casting Call | The Project” – a call to action for female-created content, which gained 2.4M views in its first 7 days. Jenna courageously intertwines her personal and acting lives to explore the power within the tension of our intrinsic opposites. This both fuels and informs her passion for giving women space and voice through film.

She shares her inspiring journey of learning to unapologetically balance the risks of jumping when both directions carry risk and each will have a cost. Something she met face-to-face when leaping from Montana to NYC.

Again, years later when she returned to Montana, and its blossoming film industry, fascinated with the great west. Jenna is a two-time Big Sky Grant recipient for two short films. “Willow Creek Road,” for which she was creator/lead actress and toured the film festival circuit. And the upcoming, “Homestead,” which revisits the Western landscape through an interior feminine gaze.

Breaking traditions throughout her career Jenna and her writing partner are currently developing a TV Series entitled “Searchers,” centered in speaking truth to women, about women.

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