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Women We Should Know Podcast2021

Ep. 16 | Millennials’ New Approach to Fashion Design

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Program Notes

Sheyenne Sky is an amazing example of how Gen-Z females are breaking barriers and company business practices that consider people and the planet, dispensable. Sky is a Diné (Navajo) fashion designer and the owner of Hozho Intl. Her collection is named after the Diné spiritual and philosophical concept, Hozho, which roughly translates to Peace, Balance, Harmony, and Beauty.

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About Sheyenne

Having traveled the world from Africa to Indonesia, Gallup, NM to Mongolia, and received her MA and Masters in Marketing and Digital Strategy from Harvard, Sky’s fashion is influenced by a great wealth of international culture, as is her approach to business. Sky is wholly dedicated to “Guilt-Free Fashion” and “Slow fashion.” Equal is her commitment to work with manufactures who defy the tradition of female and child abuse labor practices to provide safe, respectful work environments.

Her first line of products is a luxury knitwear collection made from ethically sourced and produced Mongolian cashmere featuring Diné design elements. Lesley recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sky to discuss her evolved approach to business and why she believes the future of fashion will be led by a global network of indigenous-owned businesses using land-based sustainability approaches.

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