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Program Notes

Lesley recently sat in conversation with Lisa DeFalco to discuss how a girl from Newark, New Jersey came to found and then rise to drive a multi-million-dollar enterprise that serves companies around the world.

With fierce candor Lisa shares her understanding that to succeed we must be willing to fall down, then get back up, brush off our knees and never give up on ourselves or our dream. In this engaging conversation Lisa shares her commitment to diversity within her company and gender equity as keys to innovation.

She reveals that the secret to her success is having learned to listen within the quiet and teaching her team to do the same. Her passion for blending the essence of different people of both genders, multiple cultures and race and sexual orientations has helped her to build a team that knows how to thrive.

Even during the challenges of our pandemic, they were able to maintain coherence and express resilience. Lisa speaks to the ways that has them emerging with a whole new technology that she innovated, and a vigorous enthusiasm to continue to grow, individually and as a company.

About Lisa  

Lisa DeFalco is the founder of TPG, Inc. and the Independent Quality Assurance market, making her an industry pioneer in what is known in the market by the tagline ‘this call may be monitored for quality assurance’. In establishing the Quality Assurance market, TPG has become the recognized leader in consumer experience assessment throughout the largest global corporations across 9 countries and 11 languages.

Lisa has more than 29 years of experience assessing contact-center interactions, diagnosing quality gaps, and improving communications to drive business returns for her Fortune 500 clients. Lisa’s expertise is the result of years of call-listening experience coupled with hands-on contact-center improvement experience.

Prior to her launch in the Quality Assurance market, Lisa was a tenacious, committed and ambitious girl from Newark, New Jersey. She has built an empire from scratch and believes that with hard work, grit and Grace, success like this could be for anyone if they so choose.

Today, Lisa serves as TPG’s Chief Executive Officer and its Chief Product Designer, guiding TPG’s product teams in the integration of AI into their platform as well as their design and delivery of products that valuate, analyze, activate, and optimize customer experience.

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