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Program Notes

What exactly is a Life Brand and how does if differ from Personal Brand? Join Lesley as she sits down with brand expert and author of the recently released book, ‘Generation Brand’, Irina Soriano to discover the essential differences of each.

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While social media is a massive industry that influences everything from purchasing to politics many of its nuances remain mysterious to the majority. Irina discusses how this is particularly true of the younger Millennials and Gen-x demographic. Through this powerfully informative conversation Irina shares the potential impact that a single poorly considered post can have on one’s entire future. Irina shares her expertise on the different impacts in the confidence between women and men in their approach to social media, the crushing power of cancel culture, and cyber-bullying, and how to build a strong, positive, virtual presence. While her book was written to educate those under 30, she shares nuggets helpful to all ages both build a strong brand and protect against the pitfalls.

About Irina

Irina Soriano is a motivational speaker and the author of ‘Generation Brand’, a modern playbook for cultivating our life-brand. She currently serves as Vice President at Seismic, a Saas company, and is a pioneer in her professional field. She has held senior positions across EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and the US. This experience has exposed her to working with and mentoring an extremely diverse group of men and women across multiple industries in different parts of the world. Irina has built a strong life-brand around her passion to make a significant contribution to closing the gender gap by enabling the next generation of girls and young women to drive a cultural paradigm shift toward gender equality in business and beyond. 

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