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Angela Legh joined with Lesley to share her fascinating life story is the inspiration for the children’s book series, The Bella Santini Chronicles. Through an unimaginable cycle of life repeating itself, Angela nearly drowned at six, followed by her family home burning to the ground.

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Years later, her adult family home burnt to ashes in the Tubbs Wildfire, and she nearly drowned while on holiday in Portugal.

She shares her journey of life forcing her to stop and examine everything she had ever thought and believed of herself to discover the authentic Angela. Channeling what she was learning for herself into a series of children’s books she presents beautiful tales that give children permission to know their feelings and use them as sources of courage, resilience and inspiration. Join Lesley and Angela for an inspiring conversation filled with nuggets for rising from your own moments of fire and water.

About Angela

Angela Legh grew up in San Francisco, CA. She had an alcoholic father and an angelic mother, who both had a profound impact on her life. 

Her father taught her that the behaviors of others made her a powerless victim; her mother taught her to be loving to everyone; including those who hurt you. 

Angela’s family home was destroyed by fire when she was six years old. She grew up to marry an emotionally abusive man; she stayed for 32 years because she had not yet developed the internal strength to leave. 

Fire and water intruded on her life again with the 2017 Tubbs Wildfire in Northern California which reduced her home to ash. For the second time she almost drowned in the Atlantic off the coast of Portugal. 

The return of these earlier losses forced Angela to examine everything about herself and her life. 

Angela is now an author and self-development mentor. Her children’s book series, The Bella Santini Chronicles, has received high praise and is known for helping children learn how to manage their emotions. 

Her online course, entitled Live! Love! Laugh! gives adults in-depth insights into how to step out of victimhood and access your inner joy. 

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