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Program Notes

Join Lesley as she sits down with Alaya Chadwick, M.Div., M.S.W. for a fun, informative and impactful conversation on how to fill our internal holes by remembering how to play.


Alaya walks the listener through the experiences that caused her to become intensely serious about absolutely everything at age 8, and her ultimate emergence from those self-imposed restrictions.

Having translated all she learned from her own journey into a Master Class for clinicians, the work has touched the lives of everyday people around the globe and is now finding footing in the C-Suites of Fortune 250 and 500 companies.

The core of this conversation and Alaya’s work rests in helping individuals to learn to ‘make sense to themselves’ and to do it in a way that invigorates their lives and all that they do.

About Alaya

Alaya Chadwick, M.Div., M.S.W. is an international mentor, teacher & author as well as the Founder of the (W)hole Point Institute, LLC

She weaves wisdom gained from over 40+ years’ experience guiding couples and individuals in freeing themselves from self-imposed boundaries. Alaya combines a double masters in the fields of psychology and spirituality with playful invitations to awaken that is unique and potent.

Crafted within the context of storytelling and using the analogy of “falling into our life (w)Holes,” Alaya by-passes the inner places of fear and rigidity and points the way home to our own empowered (W)HOLENESS.  She has a profound devotion to creating accessibility to a global process for re-claiming the power of our authentic play and birth our visions beyond our wildest imaginations.

She has trained women in implanting this process which is currently being accessed throughout the realms of Fortune 500 & 250 senior management