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Program Notes

Lesley recently had the pleasure of engaging in a powerful conversation about dealing with our fears with Lisa Charles, author of; Yes! Commit. Do. Live – A Book of Transformational Change. 

Lisa shares the fear and the breakthrough moments that fueled her successful stint in that industry, which included developing two well-received Jazz shows and twice appearing at Carnegie Hall. Neither life of fear were ready to let Lisa settle down yet. She shared with Lesley the challenges of a medical throat issue that required her to pivot her entire life, again. Lisa describes how she learned to transition the dialogue with fear, and transform it into a fluid dance partner. A skill she now shares with people around the world and that helped her to become a broadly recognized Health Transitional Coach, an acclaimed Wellness Speaker and the Fitness/Wellness Research Coordinator at Rutgers.     

About Lisa  

Lisa Charles is the author of Yes! Commit. Do. Live — a book of transformational change. She is a Career – Life – and Health Transitional Coach and an acclaimed Wellness Speaker. She is also the CEO of Embrace Your Fitness, LLC.  Lisa is a Health Coach, Trainer and has served the Fitness/Wellness Research Coordinator at Rutgers.

Lisa has lived a life of transition. From federal prosecutor turned singer/actress, wellness expert, certified health coach/consultant, Research coordinator and an acclaimed speaker, she is model of resilience and determination.

Check out her website and see what transformational change can look like.

Yes! Commit. Do. Live is about discovering the True/Authentic you and taking a journey to bring about life-long changes and lasting health from the top-down / inside-out!

I used Health Coaching, Personal Training and Brain Science to Flip the script on Aging through the creation of a 3-Step Process designed to unlock the keys to experiencing:

This book is the result of years of self-exploration, career transition and work within the Fitness and Wellness industry.  It represents Age reimagined and serves as a roadmap to living that Age-Defying Life.