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Program Notes

Lesley was recently joined by Sara Burke, International Content Expert, Speaker, Author, Mother, Wife, Dog-mom, and Bourbon Connoisseur to discuss women, business, life and the ups and downs of each that enrich and inspire us. 


Join them as Sara shares her own story of growing up in extreme poverty, setting her sights on entrepreneurship and placing her feet solidly on the success path, early in life. Now she empowers women to discover their own brilliance and achieve personal freedom by supporting them to tell their stories.

Sara speaks to this being the time for us to build exactly what we want in the business world, and how learning to be okay with things not always being okay is key to this accomplishment. Lesley and Sara weave through conversation on how women work differently and how learning to be excited about knowing that they can figure things out legitimizes their unique experiences.

About Sara  

As the owner of High Level Content Creation aka HLCC and host of the soon-to-be-released podcast The New American Dream, Sara loves to share her knowledge and give back to the communities her clients are invested in building. Sara has spent the last decade helping her clients put their voice to paper – all while teaching business owners around the world how to amplify their messaging and tell their stories in a way that changes the world – and makes money.   

Having worked with over a thousand startup brands – entrepreneur and International Content Expert, Sara Burke, brings her experiences in attaining industry-diverse success to her clients around the world.

Sara’s soon-to-be-released podcast, The New American Dream, takes you behind the scenes of businesses across America. Explore unspoken struggles, universal insecurities, unexpected triumphs, and honest truths about chasing “the dream.”

If you’re a candidate for The New American Dream podcast, reach out to Sara:

International Content Expert, Speaker, Author, Mother, Wife, Dog-mom, Kayaker, Avid Outdoorsman, Garden Enthusiast, Book Lover and Bourbon Connoisseur. Let’s get to know one another. Check out