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Program Notes

Lesley and Equity Accelerator, Tsegga Medhin recently shared a provocative conversation about how to be a changemaker in today’s complicated world. Tsegga shares the invitation to always Stand in Inquiry.

The absence of peace right now is so vivid, across our planet, and standing in inquiry as to what is making us so violent, is a crucial point for developing understanding. Lesley and Tsegga dive into how women can be natural peacebuilders, by sharing the vast equity they have built through collaboration, across all lines. Making a difference everywhere we go by being the difference in order to build a legacy of kindness to our fellow human beings. From speaking at the UN to major major universities and other stages around the world, Tsegga encourages all with whom she speaks to access the universal value of compassion as their GPS. As a technologist she is also deeply involved in STEM education and shares how she sees this as a vehicle for leveling the equity field, referring to it as a weapon of mass connection. Her fascinating insights as to how STEM is a powerful key in resolving equity disparities has captured the fascination of leaders worldwide and will stimulate yours as well.

About Tsegga  

Tsegga Medhin is in the business of building a better world. She is a speaker, certified executive coach to affect individuals and organizations on technical, adaptive, transactional, and transformational leadership. She has over 25 years of professional experience at IBM and Credit Suisse. As an advocate for social compact, in 2015 Ms. Medhin was invited to address the United Nations SDG2030, (Sustainable Development Goals) stakeholders meetings in NY on behalf of women entrepreneurs and STEM education. She believes the building of a better world by governments, the private sector, academia, and civil-society organizations agreeing on collective responsibilities will solve planets’ biggest social and economic challenges, achieve the universal clarion call to end poverty, protect the environment, and ensure all members of our global family equitably enjoy peace and prosperity. Ms. Medhin is a graduate of the Executive Leadership from UCLA Anderson School of Management, and Harvard Kennedy School of Public Policy Leadership and Ethics, and is the recipient of the US presidential volunteer gold award from President Obama and Bush. Ms. Medhin is the mother of two daughters and lives with her spouse in North Carolina.

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