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Program Notes

Anna McAfee recently joined Lesley for a fascinating conversation about belonging, community, purpose, and how to implement social media for good.


With a passion for taking the power of implementing values from small community groups to great industry Anna shares what she learned through the development of what became a worldwide phenomenon, #LinkedinLocal. What started as a simple human idea to help people strip away the sales pitch and replace it with a heart for diversity and authenticity, Anna and her team supported people worldwide in learning the importance of how to show up in community. Join Lesley and Anna for a powerful peek into how this simple idea, based on values driven commitment, had a social impact that ranges from special focus charities to support communities for immigrants in a new country. Anna’s vision of building sustainable communities from online to offline is filling gaps in the lives of people in over 92 countries. Anna is continuing to join with global warriors to create brave conversations about how we find belonging as humans, create safe spaces, and how we can lose them, if not intentional.

About Anna  

Anna McAfee is a Community Curator, LinkedIn Trainer and Author, driven to help individuals and businesses build better and more authentic connections in our digital world and real-life worlds.

This thirst for deeper connection is what inspired her to build the #LinkedInLocal. A digital movement that inspired people around the world to take their online chats offline; to leave their sales pitches at home and connect in an authentic way…in the real world. From New Zealand, to India, Africa, Helsinki and across the United States, over the short time span of 22 months the #LinkedInLocal movement inspired professionals from 92 countries to step out from behind their laptops and take an interest in their neighbors. #LinkedInLocal has since been validated by LinkedIn.

Anna has a passion for exploring the idea of belonging, and not just how to build communities but how we show up in community.

Based on her experience with #LinkedinLocal, Anna came to understand the truth in, “A little bit of support will take people a long way.”

How a Hashtag Changed the World: Stories, Lessons and Reflections from the #LinkedInLocal Movement by Anna McAfee and Nicole Johnston

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