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Program Notes

Fierce advocate, warrior career mom, bold change maker and former federal prosecutor, Amy Conway-Hatcher recently joined Lesley for a compelling conversation on women, the professional disparities they face, and daring to live what we really believe in.


Amy speaks of how women are often the frog in the pot, remaining in limiting situations out of necessity. As Amy shared with Lesley, she experienced this as a multitude of papercuts that ultimately became one too many. Asking herself the question, will I continue to let the systems change me, lead me further away from myself, or will I step out and be the change the system needs, was a profound pivot moment.

Lesley and Amy discuss the complexities of women counseling their friends, sisters, daughters to walk away from situations that make them small, while personally remaining in those very systems.

Highly insightful is Amy speaking of conversations with women her senior pointing out the conversations around women in the workplace are the same as 20-30 years ago. Amy speaks clearly about the fact that the second women in law can’t advocate for themselves within the system, they are limited in their ability to advocate for women, as a whole. This conversation between two women committed to contributing to real change will inspire and challenge the listener to take a closer look at their own situation.

About Amy

Amy Conway-Hatcher is a fierce advocate, warrior career mom, bold change maker and former federal prosecutor. After decades of managing 24/7 crises, climbing to the upper echelons of Big Law, and sacrificing family for career She walked away from her high-paying equity partner job to reclaim her life.

Amy wrote Infinitely More to shine a spotlight on systemic workplace inequities that hold women back.

Amy challenges leaders to take bolder actions to fix uneven playing fields, while advocating for women to stand firmly in control of their careers.

Today, a partner in a boutique law firm, Amy thrives as an advocate, author, speaker, and mom of two amazing, feisty, quick-witted teens.

She’s committed to her true purpose and mission – using her voice to empower others to embrace change and to see the value in organizational culture shifts.