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Program Notes

Lesley was recently joined by Joan Michelson who shared fascinating insights as to why she is known for telling everyone to leaders she coaches individually to Fortune 100 companies for whom she consults, “Hire the outliers.”


Joan walks the listener through understanding why despite close to 72% of CEO’s state innovation to be one of their top 3 priorities, close to 70% also claim to have a hard time driving innovation. The simple understanding Joan offers is that too often they hire for mediocrity, based on fit and past experience in doing things the way they have always been done. She shares her secret to bringing companies new levels of success as being the encouragement to hire the outlier, who they fear won’t fit in, or will rub certain leaders the wrong way.

The listener is sure to be inspired with Joan’s story of developing her own podcast that features outlier women who are coming from different backgrounds and bringing a different take to problem solving. With a skilled focus on the space of ESG—environment, social and governance issues, Joan outlines why it holds powerful potential for women looking for a job with purpose or looking to do business in an industry that aligns with their values.

Join Lesley and Joan for vital insights that every woman will benefit from understanding in order to make themselves stand out and become a sought-after member of the team they want to join.

About Joan

Joan Bryna Michelson, MBA is Host of the acclaimed podcast Electric Ladies (formerly Green Connections Radio), where she interviews remarkable women leaders and innovators in energy, climate and sustainability across all industries from batteries to fashion, including about careers. She is a journalist who writes for Forbes and selected other media on these issues, a coach, and frequent public speaker. She previously spent many years as a communications and marketing leader with Fortune 100 companies, including Chrysler, American Express and Deloitte.

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