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Program Notes

Lesley was recently delighted to be joined by Friska Wirya for a fascinating conversation about the world of being a Change and Transformation Expert and the current challenges in business. 


Friska shared from her wealth of expertise an understanding of Change Fatigue, which is the result of resistance or passive resignation to an organizational change. She also explains to the audience the natural phenomenon of Surge Capacity and how under normal circumstances we call on it for stamina and even survival. Friska talks about how to effectively deal with the across-the-board depletion of our Surge Capacity that has taken place due to the pandemic. Join us as Friska shares tips for multiple ways to restore post-pandemic balance, engagement and enthusiasm within your organization. She also shares how to balance the taxing or as it has been named, Languishing effects, of zoom and isolation drain. With powerful insights such as, “the answer isn’t more engagement or more communication, it is better engagement and better communication” and tips on how to achieve this, listeners will come away feeling empowered to create positive forward movement within their companies.

About Friska

Friska transforms organizations to enable them to better respond to the changing environment, having worked for some of the biggest names in mining, engineering and technology. A change and transformation expert for nearly a decade, she’s led change programs influencing up to 23,000 people across 6 of the seven continents – digital transformations, operating model redesigns, M&As and global restructures.

Through her experiences driving change around the world, she’s had to hone her influence, communication and persuasive capabilities to encourage people of all backgrounds to do things differently from the way they’ve always been done.

Her expertise has been sought after at Microsoft Indonesia, Salesforce, Expert360, NCR, Women in Construction & Engineering, Women in Leadership Asia, Future of Mining Sydney, Female Influencers in Tech, Swiss Cognitive, Women in Tech, Women in Leadership Summit Melbourne, Contino’s The Leadership Panel, Wonder Women Tech, Women in Mining & Energy Indonesia and Minerals Week Canberra. Friska contributes her thought leadership to The Future Shapers, Thrive Global and Delivering Happiness and was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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