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Program Notes

Lesley was recently joined by ground-breaking businesswoman Kady Cravens to discuss the cannabis industry, erase some of the confusion that has fed controversy and speak to the importance of it as a support tool in traditional medicine.

Kady shares her story of starting as a Janitor and how she worked her way up, ultimately working at every level and learning each aspect of the business. Kady is now a leading expert in the business aspect of cannabis and speaks out to encourage other women to boldly step in and make their way up the ladder in male dominated industries.

Kady encourages women to stand their ground, establish their value, and trust their instincts.

She speaks to the necessity of drawing boundaries, based on knowing your value. Another area Lesley and Kady discuss is the importance of creating a culture in your business where employees matter and are heard. Listeners will be inspired by Kady’s story and reminded of the importance of stepping up and out for ourselves.

About Kady

Kady Cravens has worked in almost every position in the cannabis industry starting out as a janitor for a cultivation assistant and quickly moved up to cultivation assistant, trimmer, harvest manager, packaging manager, and transfer coordinator before becoming the Operations/Compliance Director. She’s also worked as a budtender, front desk manager, inventory manager and Operations/Compliance Director for medical and retail stores.

Her knowledge in compliance and day-to-day procedures allowed her to become one of the top 4 Directors for Colorado Management Holdings which produces the national brand “Willie’s Reserve”. Kady also worked under the guidance of one of the top compliance officers in the cannabis industry for several years before deciding to start ActCompliant and, an easy-to-use software that makes handling employee training and standard operating procedures a breeze. Since starting ACT Compliant Kady has been able to help and assist many startups and existing companies with their compliance and operating procedures.

Connect with Kady on her various platforms:

  • Phone: 505-252-2970
  • Email:
  • Instagram: @buildmysop