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Program Notes

Lesley Michaels is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and expert on women’s leadership and strategic alliance. She’s a third-generation feminist who has spent decades coaching and advocating for those with unacknowledged or under-valued voices.


Lesley hosts the podcast, Women We Should Know. She features audacious and committed women from around the world who are changing the narratives in arenas from climate change to advocacy and breaking glass ceilings for women in industries ranging from film to conservation. Lesley’s new book The Shoulders of Mighty Women is due out June 21, 2022. Her new TED Talk will premier Q4 2022.

About Lesley

Lesley ran up the ranks of corporate oil before women were common in that industry. When her heart was no longer in that line of work she reinvented herself, becoming a highly sought after public speaker. At the same time, she entered the entrepreneurial arena and eventually built and sold a few small businesses.