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Program Notes

Lesley was recently joined by ground-breaking businesswoman Kady Cravens to discuss the cannabis industry, erase some of the confusion that has fed controversy and speak to the importance of it as a support tool in traditional medicine.


Lesley was recently joined by serial entrepreneur Melinda Wittstock for a conversation that followed her Entrepreneurial journey that started at age 6, led her to become an award-winning journalist and has seen her found and develop 5 companies, so far. Join us as they discuss how women are just now coming into their own in Entrepreneurship and in doing so are changing the game of how companies need to be built. Melinda shares her insights as to how women are developing business models that empower their teams, create good cultures, and are doing great things for the world. Melinda has observed that a significant contributor to this is that women come to Entrepreneurship later than men with more established skill sets that are actionable within the arena. Lesley and Melinda speak to the listeners about how this explains why 20 years in, women founded companies are still only receiving 2% of the venture capital dollars available and are still outdistancing male founded businesses on a consistent basis.

Melinda speaks to the listeners of the importance of women becoming comfortable with failure, understanding it is a natural part of the process and reframing it as feedback. Speaking from years of working with and around women she shares how essential it is for women to learn to be able to have it all, and shares tips for embracing this as a personal realization.

Being a podcaster who has founded Podopolo to support podcasters understand their audiences more deeply, Melinda shares vital tips on how to leverage our podcaster voices and build a platform that fulfills their original vision.

About Melinda

Melinda Wittstock is a 5-time serial in media-tech entrepreneur and the CEO and Founder Podopolo, the interactive podcast network that brings content to life by automatically connecting people to their perfect podcasts and people – and makes podcasting profitable for creators.

An acknowledged visionary in tech, media, mobile platforms and social content, Melinda also hosts the fast growing “Wings of Inspired Business” podcast named by Entrepreneur Magazine as #8 of 20 of the top business podcasts for 2020. The Wings mission is to #LiftAsWeClimb, helping female founders leverage their feminine power and collaborate to change the game of business and succeed without tradeoff, guilt or apology.

Formerly an award-winning journalist, executive producer, and TV anchor for the BBC, ABC News, CNBC/Financial Times Television and MSNBC, Melinda created and grew a BBC show to a 20 million audience and also innovated one of the first crowd-sourcing mobile apps, growing unique users to 3 million in 8 months. Steve Jobs told her she “asked the best questions” when she interviewed him as a 24-year-old correspondent of the Times of London. Her previous companies include: Capitol News Connection, a political news agency serving 300+ TV and radio stations nationwide; NewsiT, an award-winning mobile app for crowd-sourced content, and Verifeed, the social intelligence platform assuring a Return on Authenticity™ from social media engagement.

A spiritual practitioner of meditation, yoga, and gratitude, Melinda is passionate about encouraging conscious leadership and evolved entrepreneurship using business as a canvas to solve global challenges.

Her travels have taken her to many exotic places including Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island and the Amazon Rainforest. She’s a loving mom to two teenagers and a golden retriever.

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