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Program Notes

Micro and Small Business Expert Jackie Nagel joins Lesley in this episode to discuss her passion for micro and small business, where it was born, and essential understandings for success.

As Jackie speaks of the excitement she experiences when her clients succeed, and realize ‘they can’ do this, it is clear she is the coach we all wish we had in many areas of life.

Jackie shares her story of watching her father, a small business owner, struggle from day to week to month, and how this directed her toward the coaching specialty of micro and small business. She generously offers actionable insights about how she helps micro and small business owners position themselves for success. Jackie is committed to the principle that business growth is dependent on continual upgrading of skills. She coaches the; “what got us here won’t get us there”, premise. Jackie expands on the importance of carving out the time to think & rethink business model and strategies, how to integrate this into your day/week and the cost of not finding time. Listeners who tune in will receive numerous proven success actions and how to apply them.

About Jackie

Jackie Nagel began coaching when there were less than 5000 coaches internationally. Can you imagine? They had to tie themselves in all sorts of knots to explain what they could do for their potential audience. And, of all the directions she could have gone with her practice, Jackie choose to work with the small business entrepreneur. After 23 years, with the advancement of technology and the rate of change accelerating, the complexity of a micro/small business is growing exponentially.

To coin the African proverb, it takes a village, so Jackie created Eureka! to bring together a cohort of micro and small business owners to grow and develop their business together – to learn from each other; to share ideas and find solutions not found online, minimize their struggles, worries, and stress, and achieve their dreams.

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