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Program Notes

Please join Lesley and her beautiful friend Precious Williams for a stimulating, honest, transparent conversation on the nature of claiming your success, your genius and expressing your excellence. 

Precious talks about the ways she is showing women how a #killer pitch helps them give birth to their next beautiful now. She holds coaching courses where she shares with women how to own their zone of genius and get paid for doing it. Precious also shows women how to package and position themselves as the expert, whether they look like the “usual suspects” or not! Explaining that we pitch all day, from when we apply for a job to advocating for our kids in their schools, Precious breaks through old ideas by helping women to understand why pitching is important for every entrepreneur, speaker and those in corporate America. She helps women see where a #killer pitch can take her in life, career, business and relationships. Precious tells the listeners about her new business book. Her 4th best seller in 4 years, the 2 TED talks she has delivered this year and what’s coming up, including her new tv show, new focus in my business.

Every time you open your mouth, your prospects will be throwing money at you. Learn the simple steps to wowing your customer with a perfect pitch with Precious L. Williams, the #KillerPitch Master. Convert conversations into currency. Get the tools and tenacity to pitch with power, sell with storytelling and develop a masterful mindset for communication. It’s time for you to learn how to #SlayAllCompetition

Precious busts norms and shifts perspectives to help teams own their awesome and bring out their “wow” factor. Your leaders and teams will up their game — on their terms — in order to develop the cunning, clarity and confidence that’s been inside them all along.

What’s more, they’ll get unstuck and discover a renewed and refreshed energy to own the mindset of the pitch in a way they never thought possible. If you’re ready to go from milquetoast to memorable, attracting and captivating your prospects while closing the sale in an authentic way, it’s time to #pitchforprofit

And you can bet, you’re going to have fun doing it!

About Precious

Precious L. Williams is a 13-time national elevator pitch champion. She has also been featured on “Shark Tank,” CNN, Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, the movie “LEAP.” Her current clients include Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google, NBCUniversal, Federal Reserve Bank, Intuit Quickbooks, Yelp, Harvard University, and more. Precious is a dynamic international professional speaker, effective corporate trainer and 4X 1 bestselling author.

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