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Program Notes

A SPECIAL CROSSOVER EPISODE with Dr. Shelly Gruenig of STEM Southwest Podcast and Lesley Michaels of Women We Should Know Podcast From top tier Universities to world-renowned Research Institutes to tech leaders in Silicon Valley the word is the same.


STEM is our future. The hopeful news that comes with this is that STEM has the power to be the great equalizer in respect to DE&I and across the board equity. With schools across the country creating programs through which kids can letter in STEM, just as they would in sports, they and kids in private STEM clubs are being positioned to be our business and science leaders of tomorrow.

So what do you do if you are one of those rare parents who doesn’t want to leave it to the educational system to prepare your kids for a fulfilling future, but joyfully and enthusiastically takes this on as a parents responsibility?

About Shelly

Dr. Shelly Gruenig is an authentic force for good! She initially started a robotics club, simply to be support of her eldest child (son) in exactly this way. Over a decade later, all three of her kids are launched into adulthood with strong STEM backgrounds and the freedom to exercise that in whatever way fulfills them. But Dr. Shelly isn’t finished. Recently inducted into the STEM Hall of Fame and named the #4 ranked STEM coach worldwide, she continues to both coach kids in STEM and Leadership Development skills. Tune in for this fascinating conversation between Lesley and Dr. Shelly. Dr. Shelly Gruenig is a nerd who loves to build robots and people. She is a life and career coach with clients from banking to manufacturing. She and her husband host STEM Southwest Podcast where they shine the light on the amazing science of the Southwest. Her business, Be Greater Than Average and the nonprofit she founded, R4Creating, are both dedicated to serving students and educators in STEM through a world championship program in robotics, 3D printing, drones and emerging technologies. In 2021 she was honored to receive the New Mexico Tech Council Women in Technology award.

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