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Program Notes

We’ve all heard the term Mindfulness as it has become front and center over the past few years.

There are meditation groups, silence groups, yoga groups and untold others, all created to support the achievement of mindfulness. Then there are books, online trainings, social media gurus and more. Simultaneously it has become common to hear admonishments to stay out of the mind and be in the moment. It’s enough to drive one’s mind into an endless spin about what is and isn’t this thing called ‘mindfulness.’ I’ve come to the personal conclusion that it is whatever brings peace and balance. The means of getting there is far less relevant than the ‘emotional state’ of where we are in our own skin.

Anne Sermons Gillis, MS, is the leading expert in ease, which is key to mindfulness. She teaches people how to have accomplishment without struggle. Anne helps people see, feel and understand how vulnerability, which so many fear, is in fact one of our greatest superpowers. Leading people into Radical Authenticity and Radical Vulnerability through deliveries that are energized and fun, she gives people an entrance point to their deeper selves that is gentle and accessible. Understanding that healing the pain does not have to be painful Anne has offered a pathway to internal emancipation to people worldwide. Tune in as Anne offers Lesley and the listeners the clarity that there are levels to mindfulness, defines what they are and explains how to easily rest into them.

About Anne

Anne is an inter-spiritual minister, a life coach, and an author. She is often referred to as the Minister of Mirth. She confounded Connection Church in 1984 (Connection Center for Spiritual Growth) in Memphis, TN, and served as the senior spiritual guide until 1998. Her wisdom, humor, and exuberant presentation style make learning fun. Armed with years of experience in human dynamics, Gillis consistently delivers more than promised. She teaches people how to have accomplishment without struggle by presenting refreshing material that is immediately accessible. “Life is not meant to be a series of to-do lists punctuated by eating and sleeping.” says Gillis. She is the author of 5 books and founder of the EZosophy philosophy. Anne is on the board of Directors of the Theosophical Order of Service and a national speaker for the National Theosophical Society. She is a member of Unity Church of Charleston and the Indio Sangha and practices engaged Buddhism. She lives in Summerville, S. C. with her husband, Jim, and their dog, Lucy.