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Program Notes

Award winning television host and podcast host Tanya Memme recently joined Lesley to talk about the journey from success to rock bottom and now soaring higher than ever before.

Resilience has become the post COVID hot topic but Tanya shares her story of needing to discover her inner resilience before we’d even imagined a pandemic. Now able to tell her story with candor and laughter, she is transparent about the results of leaving a television show filmed on a set that was contrary to her personal ethic and boundaries. Unable to find work in the industry, crushed and lost Tanya set out on a quest of soul searching and inner work. With honesty and humor Tanya shares the story of following the inspiration to launch a podcast, Life Masters, and interview 100 people who had hit rock bottom, and found their way, not just back, but beyond. Listeners will be touched and encouraged by Tanya’s authenticity and thrilled for her happy ‘new beginning’. In addition to a number of exciting projects, Tanya has created her own show. She is the executive producer, Host and creator of Smart Home Nation on Crackle.

About Tanya

Currently, you can watch Tanya on the A&E network hosting “Sell This House”, and “Smart Home Nation” on CRACKLE. In addition to that, you can see her action from the past 10 seasons of “Sell This House” (filmed from 2001-2011) on Dabl Network. Tanya also, gives inspiration and hope to her listeners of “Life Masters” — a video/podcast on iTunes and YouTube. “Life Masters” is about real life stories of perseverance and triumph– Some of her past credits include popular shows like “Sell This House Extreme” and “Move This House” on A&E, FYI and BIO. For 5 years she was the DIY expert on Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” and hosted “Best Vacations” a syndicated travel show, as well as Entertainment Tonight CANADA on Global TV. She is the proud mom of Ava Yepremyan who accompanied her mom on camera on the show “Home and Family” on Hallmark Channel crafting for kids. The dynamic duo currently host crafting segments for the “Home Made Nation” block of home design shows on A&E and FYI. The nation has fallen in love with their dynamic and special mom/daughter relationship on camera and on social media.

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