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Women We Should Know Podcast2022

Ep. 60 | The Edge of Everyday

By June 10, 1907October 28th, 2022No Comments

Program Notes

Lesley was recently joined by actor, singer, Inter-spiritual Minister, philosopher, and provocative thinker, Sandra Bargman for a fascinating conversation about life and its many facets.


Having realized herself as a Walking Venn Diagram, Sandra dives into the understanding of the polarities of life, the light and the dark, the sacred and the profane of everyday. She shares poignant perspectives on her commitment to sharing her Voice as we all navigate crossroads of Humanity. From the stage to her recent commitment to be a leader in the renaissance of Salon culture, Sandra discusses the many means and platforms from which she delivers her understandings and messages. The listener will be charmed by the story of the how Sandra’s understanding of her relationship with the edge was birthed during a road trip with her beloved, thus came her recognition of walking through life as an edgewalker. From developing one woman shows, to podcasting, to converting a building on she and her husband’s Catskills property into the salon space called The Plum, Sandra skips right past the common and traditional to walk the edge of her life.

About Sandra

Sandra Bargman is a creative soul, intuitive communicator, and energetic servant. It started at three years old, when she marched into the family kitchen, hands on her hips and announced that she was here on “a mission”! Every career choice she’s made has ultimately rested on the ancient Greek maxim of “Know Thyself”, the directive that is at the heart of every artistic, spiritual and leadership journey.

Sandra holds a BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University in drama and music and have had a happy 35+ year career as a professional actor, director, teacher and presentation coach. She’s performed on the stages of Broadway national tours, off-Broadway, and beyond and continue to work in the industry.
In 2007, Sandra was ordained as an Inter-spiritual Minister from The New Seminary for Interfaith Studies and holds an advanced certification from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in Spiritual Counseling. Unaffiliated with any single religious tradition. Sandra’s helped clients of all faiths and traditions (including none) in pursuing deeper self- understanding in their personal quest to ’Know Thyself”.
Sandra helps others understand and accept the inevitability of change. In 2014, she started my own company, Sacred Stages, LLC, which is dedicated to encouraging everyone to discover the timeless universal truths of Spirit/The Sacred/The Divine through the venue of live theater, music, workshops, and ritual design. Sandra’s one-woman show, The Edge of Everyday, garnered a Broadway World award nomination. The live CD recording can be found on Amazon and CD Baby.

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