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Program Notes

Join Lesley and her guest Jennifer Aks-Newman for a poignantly unique and empowering look at the lives of womxn.

After 16 years of empowering inner-city kids through artistic expression in the NYC school system, COVID struck. Unable to be in the rooms with her kids in the way she had been for so long, Jen shares how she was filled with a longing to get back to her empowerment work, but had to find a new way. Jen tells the story of how her love of womxn and her own talents as a photographer, dancer, producer, film editor, director and coach came together to create herStories. “Over the past 18 months Jen has created over 100, 3-5 min films of profound impact. Jen reveals to the listener how she works with womxn to learn their story, then leads them through the creation of a body of raw film. From there Jen applies her poignant and provocative approach to editing and synthesizes the footage into a short film that tells the subject’s entire story. By helping womxn share their stories in such a vulnerable, creative, inspiring and celebratory way, they are able to walk the path of deep healing from innocence to devastation and ultimately the emancipation of Radical Self-Acceptance.

Through her art, her vision, her love of womxn and her commitment to humanity, Jen is walking womxn through the abyss to a level of freedom they have never imagined. Through she and Lesley’s conversation Jen shares how each of the womxn, upon viewing their personal story in its completed form, are rendered into a state of awe. Their ability to love, appreciate and revere themselves is fully restored. Jen’s completely individual and inspired approach to this artistic expression is producing transformation for the womxn, the viewer, and for the people connected to the ones watching. An impact that begins with a single womxn, spreads to have impact on a global level. Due to our not being completely past the pandemic, Jen has started with virtual Gallery Viewings for small audiences. Ultimately, her vision is to create a way and means of her work becoming a traveling show, hopefully presented as uniquely as the work itself.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Aks-Neuman, Story Producer and Embodiment Coach founded herStories in response to the pandemic as a way to help Womxn tell their stories of resilience. Jen has combined her 30+ years of movement, photography, editing, speaking and directing to curate the herStories collection. These videos are meant to educate, inspire, empower and open our hearts and minds to what is possible. Jen’s mission is to shift the mindset of humanity, 1 story at a time.

Connect with Jen on her various platforms:

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