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Program Notes

In this episode, Lesley is joined by financial planner and wealth management specialist, Sarah Lynn Carlson.


With 28 years of experience in the industry and 18 years leading the company she founded, she helps women overcome money fear and anxiety, to be able to enjoy their assets and their lives. Sarah reveals how great numbers of women would rather be seen naked than expose their finances to a professional who could be of great support. She revels in walking a woman from the terror of falling into what Sarah calls, the bag lady syndrome, into a place of calm, confidence around their ability to adeptly manage their financial lives. Sarah explains how building a successful financial planning, wealth management business has allowed her to positively impact the lives of hundreds of women, one at a time. Throughout the conversation Sarah shares tips and insights on how she supports women to gain clarity and focus by examining their stories around finance and the goals they want to achieve. She speaks of how to unlock unhealthy patterns around money and create a new mindset of calm assurance. Sarah also speaks to the listeners about the importance of continually transforming their goals, over time. We welcome you to join Lesley and Sarah on this adventure of bring money fears out of the shadows to create a foundation for comfort and fulfillment.

About Sarah

Sarah Lynn Carlson is a thought leader, writer, and financial planner. She helps successful people work toward the goal of living their very best lives. Although many people think money can’t “buy” happiness, Sarah knows from experience that it certainly can help. With wealth often comes anxiety, however, especially for those who don’t know the ins and outs of financial planning, investments, and money management. A financial planner for 18 years and wealth management specialist for 28 years, Sarah founded her own company, Fulcrum Financial Group, to help people navigate the many complexities that money can bring to life. Sarah works to help simplify the process, whatever a client’s dream may be—early retirement, traveling the world, leaving a legacy for future generations, or something else. A graduate of Yale University and a Certified Financial Planner™, Chartered Life Underwriter®, and Chartered Financial Consultant®, Sarah is passionate about education, viewing it as a lifelong process. Her areas of experience include securities, trust, wills, investments, and retirement planning. Many of Sarah’s clients came to her during times of transition such as divorce, widowhood, and retirement, wanting to make the most of their resources.

Sarah sees herself as a “change agent,” helping people prepare for and weather the tumult that life presents, and to work toward their objectives through financial planning. Sarah’s uniquely holistic approach incorporates a variety of securities and insurances. She strives to help clients master the “big picture” that is their incredible overall journey, and to embrace the many pleasures they’ll encounter along the way—to work toward their goal of living the “good life” in every sense. Sarah’s four children, two sets of twins, and husband Andy, fuel her with the passion and support to be her best self. She recently completed her book: Facing Financial Fear: 8 Step to Financial Freedom for Women.

Connect with Sarah for more information:

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  • Email : scarlson@fulc