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Program Notes

Lesley was recently honored to welcome businesswomen and uplifter of other women extraordinaire, Linda LoRe, to the podcast.

Those who tune into this episode are going to find themselves inspired, motivated, and empowered as Linda shares from her vast well of experience and wisdom. To quote one of Linda’s core beliefs, “No one has to loose for us to win” we immediately understand how she approaches all of life.

From becoming the first female Fortune 500 CEO in 1990 to her company Linda shares from her wealth of wisdom. Linda founded InJoy Global as a social enterprise focused on empowering teams to their greatest potential by giving every member a sense of having a true stake in the overall success. Linda speaks to the power of creating teams in which it is commonplace for members to call out their peers, for their excellence and contributions. She recognizes the need for corporations to engage both employees and their customers in today’s environment and is focusing her experience to help turn the workplace back into an engaged as well as profitable place of business. Siting her studies into business, the psychology and brain science of running a business Linda reveals the empowering information that within a positive environment such as she helps create people’s energy increases by 180% by learning to focus on every win, regardless of the magnitude or simplicity. Further their creativity escalates by a full 300%, they make 40% fewer errors, are 32% more productive and bring in 37% higher sales.

Join us as Linda shares the path to these levels of success through creating a Mentor/Coaching relationship that focuses on standing in your power, staying alert to how you Show Up, nurturing your Relationships and practicing the secrets to successful conversion of stress into power.

About Linda

Linda LoRe is the CEO and Co-Founder of InJoy Global. In her 25+ year career as a CEO, she is recognized as a leading authority in developmental brands strategy of our time. Her extensive experience includes building consumer companies from the ground up, revitalizing storied brands, and breathing new life into consumer favorites. She has been a prominent leader in some of the country’s most successful corporations, including Avon Products, Procter and Gamble, May Corporation (Macy’s), Giorgio Beverly Hills, Oscar de La Renta and Frederick’s of Hollywood. She is a highly sought-after coach and mentor for senior executives and consults with senior management in strategic development and crisis management. She is an expert on corporate culture and master seminar facilitator, specializing in executive leadership especially for female leaders in the C-suite.

Using online and mobile game theory, her company, InJoy Global is a social enterprise focusing on the verticals of corporate culture, leadership, and customer success through customized programs and challenges designed to connect employees and individuals to their goals and objectives. Recognizing the need for corporations to engage both employees and their customers in today’s environment, LoRe is now focusing her experience to help turn the workplace back into an engaged as well as profitable place of business. Linda is the Current President Elect for the Trusteeship of the International Women’s Forum (IWF), Vice Chair of the Exceptional Women Awardees (EWA), Member of C200, Member of Women’s Leadership Board (WLB),and Member of Women’s Presidents Organization (WPO)

She holds a Presidential Key Executive (PKE) Masters Degree of Business Administration with a focus on Strategy and Leadership, from the George L. Graziadio School of Business at Pepperdine University. LoRe has been the recipient of numerous awards, including The 2018 Woman of Courage Award, the 2012 George Award from Pepperdine University, 2009 Visionary Award for Youth Mentoring, 2003 Woman of Accomplishment for Bnai Zion, the 2002 NAWBO Women’s Hall of Fame Award.