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Program Notes

Lisa Dougherty recently joined Lesley on Women We Should Know to share her amazing journey. Lisa tells of her unique experience of being the first in her field, that is now dominated by men.

Her company was the first in the field to launch on the internet and for years she was the only Medical Fitness Company in the Specialty area of addressing medical conditions ranging from cancer to diabetes and Alzheimer’s on google. Lisa tells the fascinating story of convincing UC Irvine to design, develop and launch a Database Management Website for Medical Fitness practitioners. It was such a groundbreaking approach to health care that in 2016 the Huffington Post published an expansive profile on Lisa and what she was bringing to the world. That same year Lisa traveled to Washington D.C. where the Obama Whitehouse named her a Champion of Change. An honor that recognizes individuals and businesses doing extraordinary things to empower and inspire members of their communities. And, that was only the beginning. Listeners will hear the story of Lisa’s audacity, resilience and tenacity in creating a series of health support programs for which there was no map. Lisa simply build one section until she ran into a gap that wasn’t being filled, then created the next level to the organization. Inspiring and informative, this is an episode for anyone who intends to keep aging.

About Lisa

Lisa Dougherty started her fitness career in 1999 and has worked for over 20 years with clients with medical conditions or chronic diseases, amassing dozens of certifications and continuing education along the way.

Inspired by her father’s cancer battle, she created the MedFit Network to help connect those with medical conditions to fitness, health & wellness professionals who could serve them. Later, seeing a gap in specialized education for these professionals, she founded the MedFit Education Foundation to facilitate and create high-quality education for all facets of medical fitness. She just recently launched MedFit Care which will offer medically necessary exercise prescriptions.

Lisa and her powerful initiatives were featured in the Huffington Post and acknowledgment by the White House (Obama administration) as a Champion of Change Finalist in 2016, recognizing individuals and businesses doing extraordinary things to empower and inspire members of their communities. Lisa Dougherty: Improving Lives with Medical Fitness

About the MedFit Network (MFN), founded in 2013

MFN is both a professional membership organization for fitness and allied healthcare professionals, gyms, studios, integrative wellness centers, and students as well as a free online resource directory for the community to locate fitness and allied healthcare professionals with a background in prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation in working with those with chronic disease or medical conditions www.MedFitNetwork.Org and

About the MedFit Education Foundation (MFEF) founded in 2017

MFEF is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) dedicated to creating and facilitating education programming to empower fitness and allied healthcare professionals to work confidently with the aging population and those with chronic disease or medical conditions, disabilities, and women’s health issues through online education, webinars, and conferences.

About MedFit Care founded in 2021

MedFit Care is a telehealth division of MedFit that will offer medically necessary exercise prescriptions for consumers/patients to be able to use HSA/FSA monies to pay for personal fitness training and/or to be able to include personal fitness training as a medical expense on their income tax return.

Learn more at the following websites: www.MedFitEd.orgwww.MedFitClassroom.Org www.MedicalFitnessTour.Orgwww.MedFitTV.Org