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Program Notes

In this episode, Lesley shares her inspiring and informative conversation with Sabrina Protic.

Sabrina speaks of her commitment to inspiring women to help each other fulfill their dreams through collaboration. She starts by encouraging them to discover the power vested in her signature question, “How can I help you?” Sabrina has witnessed how this simple opening builds bridges of connectivity that empower from all directions. As a vehicle to spread her message Sabrina is COO of an International Streaming Show that Encourages, Enlightens, & Empowers.

Sabrina shared valuable insights she has gained as a business strategist and founder of Women’s Entrepreneurial Empowerment to how women undermine themselves in the way they address their finance. Listeners will pick up vital tips for ensuring a secure foundation, regardless of what life throws their way. Listeners are sure to benefit from Sabrina’s shared wisdom in this powerful conversation.

About Sabrina

Sabrina Protic is an inspirational business strategist and founder/CEO of WEE (Women’s Entrepreneurial Empowerment). She is an author, motivational speaker, wife, mother, and grandmother who loves educating and empowering her community as a licensed world-class financial coach and certified life coach.

Sabrina is the author of Growing Ageless: Think Young-Live Younger. She’s collaboratively authored Top 25 Change Makers, Keep Smiling Dose of Hope, International Best sellers Wellness for Winners and The Book I Read. She’s also the COO and a co-host of international streaming live Thriving Women Talk on E360TV.

Sabrina is the founder of W.E.E. Women’s Entrepreneurial, an organisation striving for continuous opportunities for women to expand their networks, develop relationships, and grow their businesses. Sabrina is the co-founder of The Sharper Woman Newsletter that is a resource to help women live longer, younger, stronger, and smarter lives utilising the power of information.

Living by the motto “Happiness is the prescription for longevity,” Sabrina enjoys inspiring people to overcome obstacles and live their best lives.

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