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Women We Should Know Podcast2022

Ep. 72 | Chronic Assumption

By August 19, 1882October 28th, 2022No Comments

Program Notes

Lesley recently had the opportunity to share conversation with Ellen Patnaude where she shared the processes she employs to help clients see things in way they never thought about before, whatever the topic.

The new insight they gain allows them to discover renewed interest in addressing whatever the “it” is that’s getting in their way. Ellen revealed that in addition to helping people to see things in a new way, she challenges them to break down what they want to do differently into “the next conversation” application.

Ellen generously shared some of her approaches to helping clients effect these positive changes, which improves their communication and therefore, their lives. One vital point she speaks to extensively is the importance of shifting the societal conversation from, “asking hard or uncomfortable questions” to “asking better questions”. One of the most fascinating things Ellen shares is her recognition of our human addiction to assumption and the ways it limits us. Sharing some of her insights, Ellen’s new book will be releasing October 1, 2022.

Be sure to watch Women We Should Know for Ellen’s return to discuss that in-depth in early October.