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Insights of Mighty Women

“What would have been easier in your life if you’d had someone to talk to, someone who had been through it before.”

–  Beverly Price


Beverly Price is the Host and founder of Her Self Expression Podcast. She’s a transformational coach. She provides knowledge, support, and insight to help women on their journey to self-empowerment, so they can confidently take on the world.

Beverly is on a mission to help 100,000 women to live the powerful and fabulous lives they are made for. She inspires women to learn how they can use self-expression on the inside and outside to develop self-empowerment so they can ultimately become the women they long to be. Each episode of her podcast brings her listeners industry-leading guests, growth strategies, and actionable takeaways that will help her audience on their self-empowerment journey.

With an MBA and a background as a leader in the financial services industry, Beverly comes from a background of making herself small in order to make others feel safe. While in the corporate world, she didn’t even accessorize her attire but instead focused on fitting into a man’s world. When she finally embraced her ability to own her power and make a statement, she went from self-doubt to self-love.