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Insights of Mighty Women

“It’s time for women to vote for their own interests.”

– Wendy Murphy

Wendy Murphy has served as an adjunct professor of sexual violence law at New England Law Boston, for over 15 years. Where she also co-directs the Women’s and Children’s Advocacy Project under the Center for Law and Social Responsibility. A former Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School, Wendy prosecuted child abuse and sex crimes cases for many years. In 1992 she founded the first organization in the nation to provide pro bono legal services to crime victims.

Wendy is an impact litigator whose work in state and federal courts has changed the law to better protect the constitutional and civil rights of victimized women and children.
She writes and lectures widely on the constitutional and civil rights of women and children, and criminal justice policy and is a contributing editor for The Sexual Assault Report, Wendy’s impact litigation in the area of campus sexual assault, beginning in the early 1990s, includes groundbreaking victories against Harvard College in 2002, and Harvard Law School and Princeton University in 2010, which cases led the way to widespread awareness and reforms, including the well-known April 2011 Dear Colleague Letter.

Wendy is a popular and bold speaker on the lecture circuit who describes herself as “fiercely non-partisan.” Wendy is a well-known television legal analyst. She has worked for NBC, CBS, CNN, and Fox News, and regularly provides legal analysis for network and cable news programs.

Her first book, “And Justice For Some,” was published by Penguin/Sentinel in 2007, and re-released in paperback in 2013.

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