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Women We Should Know Podcast2022

Ep. 92 | Who Will You Be?

By January 23, 2023No Comments

Insights of Mighty Women

“Who Will You Be at the End of 2023?”

– Lesley Michaels


Lesley Michaels was born to feminism. She was later one of the first women to break through the glass ceiling in the “old boy” industry of oil and gas. Lesley’s body of unique life experiences have provided her with a first-hand understanding of the daily struggles faced by women of every race, culture, and sexual orientation. On the Shoulders of Mighty Women is a tribute to the power and grace of those who came before and the ones who will follow, the warriors and the fallen.

Lesley developed the Shattering Your Own Glass Ceilings training program for executive women to uplevel their comfort in advocating for their value. Presented through both groups and bespoke training programs, the program is rooted in actional practices with proven results.

Lesley is also the host of the Women We Should Know podcast that features women who are leading the way in DE&I, the pursuit of gender equity, women’s financial empowerment, and female social and political sovereignty. 


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