Disrupting the Status Quo

A new paradigm
for developing self-trust

Disrupting the
Status Quo

A new paradigm
for developing self-trust

Do you Procrastinate? Are you feeling Overwhelmed? Anxious?

Answer: It could be an issue with your Self Trust. Let’s find your solutions.
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Strategic Alliances

With increasing numbers of women rising into leadership and pursuing their greater potential, this is a potent time in history for a new paradigm of collaboration. Learn from Lesley’s years of expertise how to develop a powerful network of alliances, across business and industry lines.



Shift your entire life by developing unwavering self-trust. Learn the simple process, based in brain science, discovered by Lesley during her five-year recovery from a devastating accident. Understanding the science of why and how the system works will inspire dynamic effects.

Praise for Lesley Michaels

“I have rejoiced in the privilege of receiving one on one coaching from Lesley Michaels. Her tenacity in holding me accountable to self-love and existing beyond my habitual limitations is a game changer. She is a sage, scholar, and safe ally. Enrich your life with her teachings!”


Healthcare Worker

“Inevitably there comes a time in any culture when an up-rising of the new is necessary. Lesley is a revolutionary leader who is calling forth the wisdom of women at a time when the world’s healing requires the tender fierce touch of the feminine. As she stands as a fierce woman in her own right, she is being a living example of embodied courage to speak up and speak out on behalf of all peoples.

Lesley’s dedication to calling the global force of women into leadership positions for the sake of our planet and all of humanity is sterling. She stands for the clear truth that: NOW is the time!”


International Speaker and Mentor

“Lesley Michaels has been a gem for me. She is consistently honest, kind and patient. She has helped to remind me what “pro-active” really means. Learning, moving forward and sharing her experiences are her trademarks. I especially like that she can laugh at herself when sharing what a life lesson has taught her. To have Lesley as an advocate is a sure path to expanding and strengthening your self-awareness and personal success.”

Gordon “Skip”


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If you’re looking to create a relatable, entertainingly no-nonsense experience for your audience designed to inspire reset of their mindset you’ll definitely want to check out Lesley Michaels as your keynote speaker. In addition to keynotes, Lesley also facilitates corporate trainings that will inspire, motivate, and increase the productivity of your organization.

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Women We Should Know Podcast

The wisdom and life-empowering insights of women who are the embodiments of innovation and social evolution

Join Lesley for a rejuvenating infusion of energy, honesty and transparent conversation!

From innovation and social evolution—to passion, business and creative alliance—the Women We Should Know podcast is a platform for presenting the wisdom and life-empowering insights of women who are the embodiments of inclusivity and social evolution. Gain inspiration, progressive ideas and actionable tips for letting your greatest self take center-stage in your life.

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