Lesley Michaels ran up the ranks of corporate oil before women were common within that industry. Fascinated by entrepreneurialism she moved on to build and sell a few small businesses. It was during this period that Lesley was invited to the public speaking stage and entered the transformational coaching arena.

Beyond all else, Lesley’s life has been that of a student, fueled by an unwavering fascination with human behavior. She has spent decades studying and researching psychology, personal development, spiritual questing and the science of brain function as it relates directly to the mindsets that lock us into habitual behavior patterns.

Lesley combines her investigations with a practical, no-nonsense approach to guiding individuals through the reset of old and limiting thought patterns. She has a finetuned expertise in teaching individuals how their brain responds to the verbal, thought and action stimuli of their daily experience. Application of the simple yet potent practices she has developed creates shifts toward a more satisfying and peace-filled life