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[custom_blockquote style=”eg. green, yellow, purple, blue, red, black, grey”] Lesley Michaels has been a gem for me. She is consistently honest, kind and patient. She has helped to remind me what “pro-active” really means. Learning, moving forward and sharing her experiences are her trademarks. I especially like that she can laugh at herself when sharing what a life lesson has taught her. To have Lesley as an advocate is a sure path to expanding and strengthening your self-awareness and personal success. [/custom_blockquote]


President: Easy Times Seminars

Lesley is a great speaker and author. She is loyal and wonderful at follow-through.


Unitarian Universalist Minister

Lesley Michaels has supported me in creating a life of abundance and joyful fulfillment! Lesley is a tremendously wise, compassionate, powerful, and creative leader. She is a woman of integrity with a passion for helping others create lives of meaning, purpose and fulfillment.


Certified Life Coach, Writer, Kickboxer, Extreme Wellness Leader

Lesley Michaels honestly saved my life. She helped me start the journey back to me. She lit my fire to IMPACT others and she has helped me and continues to help me in so many ways. She was the start of me becoming obsessed about the power of our brain and her teachings allowed me to believe I had some control over my mental health.


Strategic and Business Development Consultant

Experiencing Lesley’s gift of intelligence and incisiveness as a coach is to touch one’s sovereignty and true nature – that place from which the soul’s work can emerge and be expressed. To be in her presence, exploring potential and purpose engages the whole person, as she works as a holistic ecologist of the mind, body, spirit, emotions. And, she does this with joyfulness, authenticity, and dedicated commitment.


Singer, Stage Actress, Interfaith Minister

Lesley is my go-to coach when I am in need of deeper clarity around an issue, situation or choice. She is masterful at guiding me back to my own self-understanding and inner wisdom.


Certified Human Potential Coach, Wayshower

Lesley Michaels is a masterful writer, thought leader, and guide. Her deep perceptive wisdom and fearlessness have helped guide my way for several decades. When she speaks I listen.


Interfaith Minister

I’ve worked with Lesley on and off for many years, a tribute of loyalty to her skillful guidance, keen intuition, and wisdom. As a coach she has made the greatest difference in helping me to discern and fulfill my life’s purpose. Her astute counsel combines practical action with heartfelt humanity. I have the greatest respect and gratitude for Lesley’s work.