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Lesley's dedication to calling the global force of women into leadership positions for the sake of our planet and all of humanity is sterling. She stands for the clear truth that: NOW is the time!

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More and more, companies are moving to virtual delivery of events and programs. There are many benefits to virtual training, but one important aspect can’t be overlooked:

Research shows that 80% of virtual training information is retained after 60 days (HBR) vs. 70% of sales reps who forget the information they learn within a week of a traditional training (Gartner).

Lesley can help you bring virtual experiences to your organization that will have an immediate AND lasting impact!

Virtual Programs

Develop Unshakable Self-Trust

Lacking self-trust is the foundation for insecurity, shame, lack of confidence, hesitation and a variety of other commonly experienced hindrances. These underminers of both personal and professional success are byproducts of our brain’s natural activity.

In this highly interactive and engaging keynote Lesley introduces the audience to the relationship between our brain’s limbic system and prefrontal cortex. Your audience will discover how simple it can be to quieten the noisy mental voices and reset old, limiting behavior patterns.

Learning the simple science around how our brains respond to words, thoughts and actions is key to developing trust of ourselves, thus enhancing successful productivity.

Bullet point takeaways/learnings:

  • Identify the 5 key mindsets that limit your self trust, therein stifling productivity
  • Reset your neuropathways for greater confidence, consistency and clarity
  • Generate an accelerated sense of courage to foster creative thought

Create Unwavering Resilience

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties, challenges or upset. Identifying the holes in our self-trust pin-points the limits we’ve placed on our resiliency. Creating intentional, new thought patterns enhances our ability to bounce back in any situation.

In this signature keynote Lesley shares with audiences how resilience begins with becoming transparent about how you feel about you, when you’re alone with yourself. Committing to this level of personal openness is, in and of itself, an act of self-trust and initiates an unwavering state of resilience.

Initiating a mental and emotional pivot from doubt and hesitancy to resilient pro-activity translates into higher performance, both personal and professional.

  • Develop clarity around your most frequently experienced pain-points
  • Develop a template for specific actions of mindset-reset
  • Create a template for intentionally integrating resiliency into your life

TRUST: The Pathway to Personal Freedom

Science reveals how all our fears are replays of previous moments and experiences thus keeping us tied to the past. Understanding the simple brain science around why and how we become addicted to fears, negativity and judgment is the pivot point for shifting our life’s trajectory.

Mentally and emotionally trusting ourselves to make any choice we prefer, follow our own inner direction, and shift without hesitation or second-guessing is the essence of personal freedom.

  • Identify fears that repetitively show up, particularly in similar areas of life
  • Identify areas of perpetual doubt, and their consistent triggers
  • Develop a pivot template for a pattern-reset that will redirect your focus to your inherent strengths and excellence

Mindset-Reset Coaching

Lesley’s gift for identifying others talent and potential is key in helping them realize their own brilliance.

Whether you’re ready to discover the courage to fulfill a long-held dream, relax the anxiety that has become an all-too-familiar companion or simply quiet the monkey in your mind, coaching with Lesley will get you there.

Coaching Specialties for WOMEN

  • Shattering the ‘Acceptable and Correct’ Paradigm
  • Getting Started-It’s Never Too Late
  • Mastering Strategic Alliances of Women

Coaching Specialties for MEN & WOMEN

  • Identifying your blocks to the Freedom Available Through Self-Trust

Complimentary Consultation

Do you Procrastinate? Are you feeling Overwhelmed? Anxious?

Answer: It could be an issue with your Self Trust. Let’s find the holes.
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