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The wisdom and life-empowering insights of women who are the embodiments of innovation and social evolution. 

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Ep. 107 |Intuition is Your Superpower

Candace McKim

Candace McKim is an International Intuitive Teacher, Intuitive Business Coach, #1 International Best Selling Author, TEDx speaker and founder of the Intuitive Coaching Academy’s online training.

Candace spent decades combining her Social Work background with Yoga & Chakra Therapy into a form of intuitive teachings.

Candace’s wise and fun-loving approach guides women to courageously connect to their Dharma (purpose) through their intuition and to level up their spiritual businesses.

Candace’s trainings and intuitive coaching strategies, supports purpose-driven business women to make the impact and attract the wealth they desire by following inner wisdom.

Candace is a TEDx Speaker and is the Podcast, Radio, TV Host of the Find Your HELL YES show.
Candace is recognized as a leading expert on Intuition as well as on Women & Worth, Wealth & Wellness and has shared the stage with speakers such as Jack Canfield, Debra Silverman and Matt Kahn.

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