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From innovation and social evolution—to passion, business and creative alliance—the Women We Should Know podcast is a platform for presenting the wisdom and life-empowering insights of women who are the embodiments of inclusivity and social evolution. Gain inspiration, progressive ideas and actionable tips for letting your greatest self take center-stage in your life.

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Ep. 85 |Black Female Identity


Being a woman of European descent, I always look forward to and value the opportunity to speak with women who are leaders in DE&I for the chance to discover more of my own unconscious bias that was trained from birth. The privilege of having Dr. Sacha Joseph-Mathews as a guest was a powerful experience in this direction. Her wisdom about how common it is to overlook the oppressions of those around us served to heighten my own awareness of oppressive nuances I might have previously overlooked. Combining this with her clear reminder to be mindful of the oppressions that are not external, but rather radiate from within is a call to each of us to listen internally with as much attention as we pay to the outer environment. I am still contemplating her invitation to learn what being our authentic self is, and to notice how some relationships are not healthy for maintaining authenticity. I invite you to tune in to discover how the powerful illuminations of this powerful and generous woman can enhance your own life and perceptions.

To get in touch with Dr. Sacha Joseph-Mathews, email her at sjoseph@pacific.edu

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