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From innovation and social evolution—to passion, business and creative alliance—the Women We Should Know podcast is a platform for presenting the wisdom and life-empowering insights of women who are the embodiments of inclusivity and social evolution. Gain inspiration, progressive ideas and actionable tips for letting your greatest self take center-stage in your life.

Podcast Episodes


Mindfulness for Self-Mastery

Dr. Valerie René Sheppard

Dr. Valerie René Sheppard joined Lesley to relay her amazing story of her journey from catastrophic-stroke survivor to self-mastery expert and CEO of The Heartly Center for Mindfulness and Self-Mastery.

Dr. Valerie’s reveals how she is impacting the lives of women in business or society as a whole through her multi-award winning best-selling book, the courses she offers to groups and individuals, her retreats and both group and private counseling. She also shares with listeners her approach to facilitating deeper views and understanding for those seeking greater clarity, confidence, and inner peace. Through application of specific practices and neural reprogramming that she developed and used in her own healing from her stroke, Valerie helps individuals eliminate stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Dr Valerie shares how she is able to assist people to discover their true source of happiness, raise their vibration, and live from a place of true authenticity.

Follow Valerie on her various platforms:

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Penis Politics

Karen Hinton

In this provocative and timely episode Lesley welcomes Karen Hinton, author of Penis Politics. From early life in Mississippi to Washington DC, NYC and back to Mississippi, plus a side jaunt to New Orleans Karen speaks directly and transparently to the issues she raises in her Best Selling book. She speaks to the listeners of how her abiding commitment to dismantling racism placed her in the position to be a spokesperson regarding its devastating effects.

Karen addresses how the dynamic of how men’s internal struggle becomes an outward abuse of women, and how this is exacerbated in the case of men who hold power in any manifestation. With great respect for what #metoo accomplished, Karen saw there was no attention being given to the middle class and low-income women. The more she studied, the more clearly she realized the degree to which the issue of sexual abuse is pervasive, through every sector of society and even into our schools. Within the pages of her book and during this conversation on Women We Should Know, Karen offers action points that we as women can take to put a stop to these abuses. She reminds women that we are more than 50% of the population, and within that rest great power.

Follow Karen on Instagram @jkarenhinton.

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Thriving Women Talk

Sabrina Protic 

In this episode Lesley shares her inspiring and informative conversation with Sabrina Protic. Sabrina speaks of her commitment to inspiring women to help each other fulfill their dreams through collaboration. She starts by encouraging them to discover the power vested in her signature question, “How can I help you?” Sabrina has witnessed how this simple opening builds bridges of connectivity that empower from all directions. As a vehicle to spread her message Sabrina is COO of an International Streaming Show that Encourages, Enlightens, & Empowers.

Sabrina shared valuable insights she has gained as a business strategist and founder of Women’s Entrepreneurial Empowerment to how women undermine themselves in the way they address their finance. Listeners will pick up vital tips for ensuring a secure foundation, regardless of what life throws their way. Listeners are sure to benefit from Sabrina’s shared wisdom in this powerful conversation.

Follow Sabrina on Instagram at @sabrinaprotic.

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Shifting the Paradigm of Medicine

Lisa Dougherty 

Lisa Dougherty recently joined Lesley on Women We Should Know to share her amazing journey. Lisa tells of her unique experience of being the first in her field, that is now dominated by men. Her company was the first in the field to launch on the internet and for years she was the only Medical Fitness Company in the Specialty area of addressing medical conditions ranging from cancer to diabetes and Alzheimer’s on google. Lisa tells the fascinating story of convincing UC Irvine to design, develop and launch a Database Management Website for Medical Fitness practitioners. It was such a groundbreaking approach to health care that in 2016 the Huffington Post published an expansive profile on Lisa and what she was bringing to the world. That same year Lisa traveled to Washington D.C. where the Obama Whitehouse named her a Champion of Change. An honor that recognizes individuals and businesses doing extraordinary things to empower and inspire members of their communities. And, that was only the beginning. Listeners will hear the story of Lisa’s audacity, resilience and tenacity in creating a series of health support programs for which there was no map. Lisa simply build one section until she ran into a gap that wasn’t being filled, then created the next level to the organization. Inspiring and informative, this is an episode for anyone who intends to keep aging.

Follow Lisa on Instagram at @medfitnetwork

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Speaking For Influence

Erin Loman Jeck 

In this episode Lesley and speaking coach extraordinaire, Erin Loman Jeck, bring listeners a lively conversation about speaking for impact and uplifting women to their greater excellence. Erin offers powerful tips and action points she’s used for years to help women lead in male dominated industries. Applying the psychology of connection Erin coaches’ women on how to be seen, heard, and taken seriously. Recognizing the differences in the ways the genders communicate is key to Erin’s success in uplifting women and teaching them to use the psychology of these differences to rise to the top. These are the same action points that Erin relays to her TED talk mentees, that produce standing ovations for their talks.

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Mentoring Women for the C-Suite

Linda LoRe

Lesley was recently honored to welcome businesswomen and uplifter of other women extraordinaire, Linda LoRe, to the podcast. Those who tune into this episode are going to find themselves inspired, motivated, and empowered as Linda shares from her vast well of experience and wisdom. To quote one of Linda’s core beliefs, “No one has to loose for us to win” we immediately understand how she approaches all of life.

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Grey Drinking: The New Epidemic

Carrie Schell

Lesley was recently joined by the amazing and fierce Carrie Schell. Midwife, yoga instructor, personal trainer, speaker, author and mom of seven? Carrie’s humour, wisdom and passion for helping women through the intimate, life-transforming journeys in life will reach out and touch you as you tune in to this episode. Carrie shares the joy of her life’s work being devoted to health and wellness. As an addiction specialist, while helping others in their recovery, Carrie reveals, with transparent candor, having realized that she, like millions of other women, was a grey drinker –not an alcoholic but her relationship with alcohol was unhealthy.

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Financial Freedom for Women

Sarah Lynn Carlson

Untold studies reveal that the majority of women have a fear of money and an even greater fear of managing it themselves. In this episode, Lesley is joined by financial planner and wealth management specialist, Sarah Lynn Carlson. With 28 years of experience in the industry and 18 years leading the company she founded, she helps women overcome money fear and anxiety, to be able to enjoy their assets and their lives. Sarah reveals how great numbers of women would rather be seen naked than expose their finances to a professional who could be of great support. She revels in walking a woman from the terror of falling into what Sarah calls, the bag lady syndrome, into a place of calm, confidence around their ability to adeptly manage their financial lives. Sarah explains how building a successful financial planning, wealth management business has allowed her to positively impact the lives of hundreds of women, one at a time. Throughout the conversation Sarah shares tips and insights on how she supports women to gain clarity and focus by examining their stories around finance and the goals they want to achieve. She speaks of how to unlock unhealthy patterns around money and create a new mindset of calm assurance. Sarah also speaks to the listeners about the importance of continually transforming their goals, over time. We welcome you to join Lesley and Sarah on this adventure of bring money fears out of the shadows to create a foundation for comfort and fulfillment.

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Jennifer Aks

Join Lesley and her guest Jennifer Aks-Newman for a poignantly unique and empowering look at the lives of womxn. After 16 years of empowering inner-city kids through artistic expression in the NYC school system, COVID struck. Unable to be in the rooms with her kids in the way she had been for so long, Jen shares how she was filled with a longing to get back to her empowerment work, but had to find a new way. Jen tells the story of how her love of womxn and her own talents as a photographer, dancer, producer, film editor, director and coach came together to create herStories.

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How to Build Healthy Relationships

April Beyer

With a reported 323 million people using dating apps in 2021, the question of how to create authentic and meaningful relationships is clearly a conundrum. According to a recent article in Psychology Today, women say what they most want in a partner is kindness, supportiveness, and intelligence. Men reported wanting to feel like a hero, physical connection and space. So, what is the path to merging these two, seemingly disparate, lists of what is most important into a relationship that works? And are these the things that truly matter to men and women or are these lists informed by cultural saturation through media or by them truly knowing themselves?

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The Edge of Everyday

Sandra Bargman

Lesley was recently joined by actor, singer, Inter-spiritual Minister, philosopher and provocative thinker, Sandra Bargman for a fascinating conversation about life and its many facets. Having realized herself as a Walking Venn Diagram, Sandra dives into the understanding of the polarities of life, the light and the dark, the sacred and the profane of everyday. She shares poignant perspectives on her commitment to sharing her Voice as we all navigate crossroads of Humanity. From the stage to her recent commitment to be a leader in the renaissance of Salon culture, Sandra discusses the many means and platforms from which she delivers her understandings and messages. The listener will be charmed by the story of the how Sandra’s understanding of her relationship with the edge was birthed during a road trip with her beloved, thus came her recognition of walking through life as an edgewalker. From developing one woman shows, to podcasting, to converting a building on she and her husband’s Catskills property into the salon space called The Plum, Sandra skips right past the common and traditional to walk the edge of her life.

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A Serial Entrepreneur Mentoring Forward

Jane Bradley

The list of what women were allowed to do in the professional world sixty years ago is limited to secretarial duties. Fortunately, there were those emboldened and audacious few who ignored all the limitations of the time to carve new inroads for their own fulfillment, and leave doors open behind them to give access to the women who would follow.  Jane Bradley was raised on a sprawling, working ranch in New Mexico and empowered by her cowboy father to go places no woman of her time had ever gone. You can’t command those prices for your paintings, you’re a woman. But she did. You can’t open a gallery on the world-famous Canyon Road in Santa Fe, you’re a woman. But she did. Tired of having to drive all the way to Dallas for art supplies she opened an art supply store, that in its first year became the anchor store in what was then, Santa Fe’s newest outdoor mall. From being one of the earliest Executive Directors of Genesis Business Incubator, University of Arkansas, to moving to Russia to manage a Russian football team, to remaining in Russia during perestroika and working with technology transfer, to returning to New Mexico to found a series of successful businesses, Jane has always made her own rules and done it her own way. Along the path she has spent many years sharing the wisdom gained as a serial entrepreneur by mentoring those who would come up behind her. Join Lesley and Jane for a fascinating conversation into everything from the power and necessity of mentoring to daring to create new pathways.

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From Success to Rock Bottom to Soaring

Tanya Memme

Award winning television host and podcast host Tanya Memme recently joined Lesley to talk about the journey from success to rock bottom and now soaring higher than ever before. Resilience has become the post COVID hot topic but Tanya shares her story of needing to discover her inner resilience before we’d even imagined a pandemic. Now able to tell her story with candor and laughter, she is transparent about the results of leaving a television show filmed on a set that was contrary to her personal ethic and boundaries. Unable to find work in the industry, crushed and lost Tanya set out on a quest of soul searching and inner work. With honesty and humor Tanya shares the story of following the inspiration to launch a podcast, Life Masters, and interview 100 people who had hit rock bottom, and found their way, not just back, but beyond. Listeners will be touched and encouraged by Tanya’s authenticity and thrilled for her happy ‘new beginning’. In addition to a number of exciting projects, Tanya has created her own show. She is the executive producer, Host and creator of Smart Home Nation on Crackle

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The Path of Ease

Anne Sermons Gillis

We’ve all heard the term Mindfulness as it has become front and center over the past few years. There are meditation groups, silence groups, yoga groups and untold others, all created to support the achievement of mindfulness. Then there are books, online trainings, social media gurus and more. Simultaneously it has become common to hear admonishments to stay out of the mind and be in the moment. It’s enough to drive one’s mind into an endless spin about what is and isn’t this thing called ‘mindfulness.’ I’ve come to the personal conclusion that it is whatever brings peace and balance. The means of getting there is far less relevant than the ‘emotional state’ of where we are in our own skin.

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Sorting Realities on the Far Side of America

Betsy Gaines-Quammen

Betsy Gaines Quammen PhD joins Lesley in this episode for a deep dive into the state of conversation and conflict currently taking a front seat in the U.S.. Betsy shares her way of weaving into conversations with people of completely different ethos to educate, and inspire new thought while furthering her own understanding. All of this is a part of Betsy’s daily activism. From old school conservative cowboys in Montana who have found themselves in admiration of turn of the century photographer, with a female companion, Evelyn Cameron, to powerful indigenous women standing into their leadership, Betsy pursues conversations about how to turn the tide and revitalize the humane in our collective lives. Lesley and Betsy dive into how imperative it is for white women to rise out of passivity and silent complicity to stand against the weaponization of race, culture and conversation about anything that makes someone else uncomfortable. Those tuning into this conversation will find it provocative, radically honest and thought provoking.

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Changing Kids Lives with STEM

Dr. Shelly Gruenig

A SPECIAL CROSSOVER EPISODE with Dr. Shelly Gruenig of STEM Southwest Podcast and Lesley Michaels of Women We Should Know Podcast From top tier Universities to world renowned Research Institutes to tech leaders in Silicon Valley the word is the same. STEM is our future. The hopeful news that comes with this is that STEM has the power to be the great equalizer in respect to DE&I and across the board equity. With schools across the country creating programs through which kids can letter in STEM, just as they would in sports, they and kids in private STEM clubs are being positioned to be our business and science leaders of tomorrow.

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From Poverty to Profits

Precious Williams

Please join Lesley and her beautiful friend Precious Williams for a stimulating, honest, transparent conversation on the nature of claiming your success, your genius and expressing your excellence.

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For the Love of Small Business Owners

Jackie Nagel

Micro and Small Business Expert Jackie Nagel joins Lesley in this episode to discuss her passion for micro and small business, where it was born, and essential understandings for success. As Jackie speaks of the excitement she experiences when her clients succeed, and realize ‘they can’ do this, it is clear she is the coach we all wish we had in many areas of life.

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The Cost of Not Paying Attention | Women We Should Know Crossover Episode

Janine Hamner-Holman

We are excited to invite you to tun into the first Crossover Podcast Event between Janine Hamner-Holman of The Cost of Not Paying Attention Podcast and Lesley Michaels of Women We Should Know Podcast. As friends, colleagues and frequent collaborators Lesley and Janine come together to discuss some of the issues they see holding women back and the ways they are passionate about contributing to new paths for resolution. Tune in to their exploration of how the time has come for women to consider forming strategic alliances for their collective benefit and upliftment. This has the potential to create a power stage that can dispel the false idea that there is not enough space. Janine and Lesley dive into the ways in which many professional roles and entire industries are being forced to shift from a former transactional approach, which is naturally male, to become more relational, which is inherent to women. With women’s naturally higher empathy quotient these pivots and reinventions within the business world makes them a natural fit for newly forming roles. From how and where to give new focus of attention to ways to develop alliances that serve, this is an episode overflowing with insight, straight talk and lots of laughter.

Follow Janine on Instagram at @jshamner64.

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52 Prayers to Guide, Inspire & Uplift

Agapi Stassinopouloss

Lesley was delighted to be joined today by Bestselling Author and Speaker, Agapi Stassinopoulos. Listeners will be soothed, inspired and entertained by this lovely conversation about God, as understood in the traditional sense and as being much more. Agapi shares beautiful insights from her life starting with the unique and elegant way of seeing life that was a gift from her mother to her great spiritual teacher and how these two and life itself shaped her and the prayers that she offers in each of her much acclaimed books. As Agapi shares from her latest book, Speaking with Spirit, 52 Prayers to Guide, Inspire, and uplift you, she offers both readings from the prayers and insights to the stories that inspired each of them.

Agapi Stassinopoulos is a best-selling author and speaker who inspires audiences around the world. In one of her first books, Unbinding the Heart: A Dose of Greek Wisdom, Generosity, and Unconditional Love, she shares the wisdom from her life’s adventures and experiences. In her latest book, Wake Up to the Joy of You: 52 Meditations and Practices for a Calmer, Happier Life, she takes readers on a journey and inspires them to let go of what doesn’t work and instead create the lives they really want. Agapi was trained in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and then moved on to receive her master’s degree in psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Her two books on the Greek archetypes, Gods and Goddesses in Love and Conversations with the Goddesses, were turned into PBS specials.

Follow Agapi on Instagram at @agapisees.

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Wings of Inspired Business 

Melinda Wittstocks

Lesley was recently joined by serial entrepreneur Melinda Wittstock for a conversation that followed her Entrepreneurial journey that started at age 6, led her to become an award-winning journalist and has seen her found and develop 5 companies, so far. Join us as they discuss how women are just now coming into their own in Entrepreneurship and in doing so are changing the game of how companies need to be built. Melinda shares her insights as to how women are developing business models that empower their teams, create good cultures, and are doing great things for the world. Melinda has observed that a significant contributor to this is that women come to Entrepreneurship later than men with more established skill sets that are actionable within the arena. Lesley and Melinda speak to the listeners about how this explains why 20 years in, women founded companies are still only receiving 2% of the venture capital dollars available and are still outdistancing male founded businesses on a consistent basis.

Melinda speaks to the listeners of the importance of women becoming comfortable with failure, understanding it is a natural part of the process and reframing it as feedback. Speaking from years of working with and around women she shares how essential it is for women to learn to be able to have it all, and shares tips for embracing this as a personal realization.

Being a podcaster who has founded Podopolo to support podcasters understand their audiences more deeply, Melinda shares vital tips on how to leverage our podcaster voices and build a platform that fulfills their original vision.

Follow Melinda at @podopolo and @melindawittstock2020

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Speaking with Extraordinary Women with Lesley Michaels

Lesley Michaels

Lesley Michaels is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and expert on women’s leadership and strategic alliance. She’s a third-generation feminist who has spent decades coaching and advocating for those with unacknowledged or under-valued voices.

Lesley ran up the ranks of corporate oil before women were common in that industry. When her heart was no longer in that line of work she reinvented herself, becoming a highly sought after public speaker. At the same time, she entered the entrepreneurial arena and eventually built and sold a few small businesses.

Lesley hosts the podcast, Women We Should Know. She features audacious and committed women from around the world who are changing the narratives in arenas from climate change to advocacy and breaking glass ceilings for women in industries ranging from film to conservation. Lesley’s new book The Shoulders of Mighty Women is due out June 21, 2022. Her new TED Talk will premier Q4 2022.

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From Janitor to Industry Leader

Kady Cravens

Lesley was recently joined by ground-breaking businesswoman Kady Cravens to discuss the cannabis industry, erase some of the confusion that has fed controversy and speak to the importance of it as a support tool in traditional medicine.

Kady shares her story of starting as a Janitor and how she worked her way up, ultimately working at every level and learning each aspect of the business. Kady is now a leading expert in the business aspect of cannabis and speaks out to encourage other women to boldly step in and make their way up the ladder in male dominated industries.

Kady encourages women to stand their ground, establish their value, and trust their instincts.

She speaks to the necessity of drawing boundaries, based on knowing your value. Another area Lesley and Kady discuss is the importance of creating a culture in your business where employees matter and are heard. Listeners will be inspired by Kady’s story and reminded of the importance of stepping up and out for ourselves.

Connect with Kady on Instagram @buildmysop.

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The Miraculousness of Life

Mary L. Jury

There are those stories we all hear that reveal a level of resilience that many of us cannot imagine. Mary L. Jury has lived a life that is one of those very stories. Including, the extraordinary events that allowed she and her ‘now’ husband to come to know each other, fall in love, and become the inspiration for one author’s romance novel.

Join Lesley as she follows Mary through her amazing retelling of events that would have crushed a lesser woman to become an inspiration to many. Mary shares some of the key mindsets that lifted her from a wheelchair, having been t-boned on her bicycle. The same mindsets that helped her to remain standing after losing her mother, 32yo son and 8yo niece over a short 10-month period. In 2019 Mary received her certification from Brené Brown to facilitate her Dare to Lead curriculum and is now gearing up to use this in supporting others to heal their own grief.

Connect with Mary on her website at www.OwnItCoach.com

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Inspiring Impossible Transformations

Jennifer Kauffman

There are those moments that impact the entire nation and sometimes the world that we will never forget. Maybe we even remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news.

The Oklahoma City Bombing, 911, and the Boston Marathon are just a few. As the days inch by we hear of those lost, those who survived and those injured. More days pass and life resumes its normal pace, except for those who were among the injured and who must find a way to heal, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

On April 15, 2013, Jennifer Kauffman was standing 15’ from where the second bomb went off during the Boston Marathon. Years of working to heal later, in a fit of completely out of control road rage, Jennifer found herself chasing down another person who had cut her off in traffic. Gratefully, not only was no one harmed, but it woke her up to herself in a whole new way and the truest healing was able to begin.

A big part of Jennifer’s healing journey was directing and producing the film There’s Got to be More to Life, theresgottobemoretolife.com A film she hope’s will help others to move through the transformational process of shifting from surviving to thriving. Just Lesley as she speaks with Jennifer of the amazing, painful, and ultimately liberating journey that brought her to a level of wholeness beyond what she knew prior to the bombing.

Connect with Jennifer on Instagram @jkauffman74.

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Decades of Breaking Glass Ceilings

Barbara Kline

It’s no secret that only in the past 10-15 years have women started breaking through the patriarchal standards that kept any of us with aspirations that exceeded “Girl Friday” out of the room. It is with respectful gratitude to those mighty women who came on the scene early and refused to be hidden in a corner that we are now reaching into the highest echelons of business and politics.

Barbara Kline is just such a fierce and audacious woman. The first woman in a majority of the great rooms of the tech industry having stood tall and looked right in the face of questions like, “but what if you get pregnant” or the rebuffs of, “you’ll be taking the job away from a man who has a wife and kids to support.”  Questions and statements that are purely unimaginable to the millennial and Gen-Z women of today’s business world.

Tune in for this conversation between Barbara and Lesley of those early days and the ones that followed when during the .com crash, Barbara naturally transitioning into entrepreneurship, founding numerous companies. And ultimately starting another entirely new career in her 60’s.

Follow Barbara on Facebook.

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No More Harveys

Chantal Bilodeau

From play-writing and production to Climate Protection to adventures in the Arctic, Chantal Bilodeau recently joined Lesley to tell her stories of adventure and passion. Chantal shares how the costly events of Hurricane Harvey, followed by the exposure of Harvey Weinstein served as inspiration for her play No More Harvey’s, one in a series of plays centered on Global Climate Change. With the Great Artic as the backdrop Chantal talks of how getting to know the Arctic and the people who live there is the most exciting thing that has happened to her, professionally. Listen in as Chantal reveals the genuineness, humility and kindness of the Arctic people that continues to impact her and how she sees life. The listener will also learn of Chantal’s upcoming 5-day workshop called the “Artists & Climate Change Incubator” that will be held in Anchorage this summer and some of the ways she hopes to expand and continue her impact.

Follow Chantal on social media @artsnclimate

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The World of Change and Transformation

Friska Wirya

Lesley was recently delighted to be joined by Friska Wirya for a fascinating conversation about the world of being a Change and Transformation Expert and the current challenges in business. Friska shared from her wealth of expertise an understanding of Change Fatigue, which is the result of resistance or passive resignation to an organizational change. She also explains to the audience the natural phenomenon of Surge Capacity and how under normal circumstances we call on it for stamina and even survival. Friska talks about how to effectively deal with the across-the-board depletion of our Surge Capacity that has taken place due to the pandemic. Join us as Friska shares tips for multiple ways to restore post-pandemic balance, engagement and enthusiasm within your organization. She also shares how to balance the taxing or as it has been named, Languishing effects, of zoom and isolation drain. With powerful insights such as, “the answer isn’t more engagement or more communication, it is better engagement and better communication” and tips on how to achieve this, listeners will come away feeling empowered to create positive forward movement within their companies.

Connect with Friska on Instagram @freshbyfriska.

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Hire the Outliers

Joan Michelson

Lesley was recently joined by Joan Michelson who shared fascinating insights as to why she is known for telling everyone to leaders she coaches individually to Fortune 100 companies for whom she consults, “Hire the outliers.”

Joan walks the listener through understanding why despite close to 72% of CEO’s state innovation to be one of their top 3 priorities, close to 70% also claim to have a hard time driving innovation. The simple understanding Joan offers is that too often they hire for mediocrity, based on fit and past experience in doing things the way they have always been done. She shares her secret to bringing companies new levels of success as being the encouragement to hire the outlier, who they fear won’t fit in, or will rub certain leaders the wrong way.

The listener is sure to be inspired with Joan’s story of developing her own podcast that features outlier women who are coming from different backgrounds and bringing a different take to problem solving. With a skilled focus on the space of ESG—environment, social and governance issues, Joan outlines why it holds powerful potential for women looking for a job with purpose or looking to do business in an industry that aligns with their values.

Join Lesley and Joan for vital insights that every woman will benefit from understanding in order to make themselves stand out and become a sought-after member of the team they want to join.

Connect with Joan on Instagram @joanmichelson and @electricladiespodcast

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Being Smart Helps

Sue Firth

Sue Firth, often referred to as ‘The World’s Best Kept Secret’ joins Lesley for a powerful conversation about strength, resilience, and leadership. Sue speaks to the importance of becoming our most effective selves by developing tools that help us repair the broken places within each of us into points of strength. Listeners are sure to see themselves through a new lens as Sue outlines the importance of knowing where to start and how to move forward. Realizing that those living rent free in our heads are in fact only ‘tenants’ and we have the right to throw them out can create a tipping point from which we can boldly proceed forward. During the stepping back that COVID required, many in the corporate world had their first opportunity to ask, “Is this what I want? Am I enjoying what I’m doing?” Sue invites those who realized it’s time for a pivot to, “Don’t be Scared. Change is not the end of the world. And it doesn’t mean you have to have all of the answers or have worked out all of the steps.” Join Lesley and Sue for this and so much more that will inform, encourage, and inspire.

Connect with Sue on Instagram @suefirthpsychology.

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Bald and Blonde

Kathi Tait

Bold, audacious, boundary breaking and expansive. This is a conversation that will speak to so many women who are hiding a secret of losing their hair. Kathi Tait is best known as the Baldwarrior, spreading awareness of Alopecia and fighting social norms.

Kathi joins Lesley to share how growing up with Alopecia led her to a focus on mental/emotional health and mindset impact. She candidly speaks about the years of suffering in silence and the understanding this gave her of so many women and young girls struggles. Kathi shares personal knowledge of the effects of ostracization born of the expectations that are placed on women and specifically about their appearance. Through her journey of overcoming the stigmas, that due to shame, causes Alpoecia to be one of our most hidden diseases, Kathi threw away her wigs, tattooed her head and founded the Bald Warrior Movement. Having come to her own awakening that everything that’s amazing in life, lives on the other side of our fears, Kathi approaches this movement as a duty. Join Lesley and Kathi in a conversation about how winning over the fears is the freedom piece we all seek.

Connect with Kathi on Instagram @baldevolution.

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Emptying Our Emotional Backpacks

Daisy Papp

Join Lesley and her guest Daisy Papp for a fascinating conversation about the interconnectivity of Love, Integrity, Tolerance and Acceptance. In this conversation Daisy shares her difficult journey of realizing the home she spent years longing for was waiting within herself. She shares her passion for helping people connect with their inner ‘enoughness’ by moving from trained tradition of seeking others praise and applause to finding inner trust in ourselves. Daisy gives the listeners an insight to what she calls her Island Model, which has helped individuals, couples, world champions and Fortune 500 CEO’s people become out of the box thinkers and accept the value of thinking for themselves. Moving from her understanding that “Love” is not merely a word or phrase. “Love” is the action that brings us into integrity. Most inspiring is Daisy’s dream and commitment to shift the way children see themselves from early ages. Something that is already being adopted in the UK.

Connect with Daisy:

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A Life Committed to Equality 

Dr. Martha Burk

Lesley recently experienced the honor of sharing a conversation with Dr. Martha Burk who has lived and worked on the forefront of the struggle for women’s rights for the majority of her life. Dr. Burk guides the listeners on an edifying walk through the details, nuances and progressions of the legislative struggles that have been taken on behalf of women through the decades. Glancing back to 1871 when the 14th amendment was passed that claimed to give all person’s equal protection, she reminds the listener that ‘persons’ was exclusive to men. The conversation proceeds to 1920, 52 years later, when women finally got the vote. Dr. Burk drops in on the 1960’s when the Equal Rights Amendment was forming and the early 1970’s and the struggle for ratification. Finally, on to 2020, 149 years after men were given equal protection under the U. S. Constitution, the Equal Rights Amendment received the number of state ratifications necessary to give women equal protection under the U.S. Listeners will learn why this did not produce resolution to that protracted struggle. Through this journey Dr. Burk highlights the struggles that are yet ongoing and a deep understanding of those, once thought resolved, are back in the frame, and are a threat to all women, be they feminist or not.

Contact Martha for more information on her various platforms:


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Redefining Failure Into Success

Mitzi Purdue

Mitzi Perdue is the daughter of the co-founder and president of the Sheraton Hotel Chain, and she is also the widow of another business titan, Frank Perdue, the chicken guy who’s products are now sold in more than 50 countries. In her early years she became one of only nine women who were rice farmers, and the only one who did it on her own versus inheriting a farm from a deceased husband. During those years she also became president of the oldest Farm Women’s Organization. In her 30’s Mitzi had an experience that inspired her to follow her lifelong dream of becoming a writer, publishing and being on radio. This led to her having her own television show that was syndicated to 72 stations. She is also a longstanding member of Business and Professional Women.


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Each One Teach One

Camille Robb

If you’re looking for a reason to smile today join Lesley and Fabulous Camille Robb for a conversation about life, children and the joy of lifting another up. Fabulous (the name given to her by her grandmother on the day of her birth) Camille lives her life by four little and powerful words: EACH ONE TEACH ONE. As a child her grandmother taught her that, “if you’re not teaching you’re not learning.” Camille shares the story of how, by Divine design, she became the hero to children around the world. She and her husband of 29 years have a passion for helping kids from countries from countries around the world to find their way into safe spaces where they get to receive love and education. Traveling the world has become Camille’s natural way of life. And, at every stop she is celebrated for the upliftment she is bringing to communities and their dear children. As Camille shares her adventures with an unabashed happiness and enthusiasm that is contagious, you are sure to find your own day brighter through this conversation.

Contact Camile for more information at info.fabulouscamille@gmail.com or @justfabulouscamillerobb.

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Going Home to Africa 

Dot Bekker

In this episode Dot Bekker joins Lesley to share the story of her journey of a lifetime. In late 2018 Dot left Europe after 21 years to drive home to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Taking a ferry from Barcelona to Morocco with her 20 year old Ford Transit she drove on her own through 18 African countries, 20000km over 8.5 months. Dot shares the journey through a part of the vast continent of Africa that she was not familiar with laughing that, “Ignorance got me a very long way.” Dot is passionate about Africa and lovingly paints a warm portrait of it’s people’s capacity for great humour, their openhearted waves to everyone they see, be them friend or stranger and their quickness to give aide. Something she learned of while driving through one particular country that had no fuel stations. Rescued by friendly strangers introduced her to she dubbed the tradition of ‘African Roadside Assistance.’  But there are also the trials that Dot speaks to. Her passion is to make strides toward Gender Equality through the education of girls and Entrepreneurship.  In a country where 65% of the girls can’t go to high school due to the cost of both the school and the required uniforms, Dot is a committed voice and activist for rethink and reinventing education. Joining Lesley and Dot for this amazing conversation is sure to inspire and delight while expanding understanding of the world we all share.

Contact Dot for more information at dot@goinghometoafrica.com

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From Secret Misogynist to Women’s Advocacy

Paris Cutler

In this episode Lesley is joined by Australian media personality, Paris Cutler. She shares the story of her early careers where she survived the brutalities of the patriarchal systems she faced on her journey through law to becoming the most successful of the four women on the trading floor in the Australian Stock Exchange and ultimately diving in entrepreneurialism. Paris speaks candidly of her discovery that she was “a secret misogynist” and the tough resilience required to break free from the well-trained tradition expressed by many female professionals, of being a woman in stilettos while addressing business and other women as a men do. Paris reveals to the listeners the brutal treatment she received, predominantly from women, as her entrepreneurial star rose after buying a little cake shop that made her the ‘cake maker to the stars’ and the star of one of the first baking reality TV shows to air. Now a vocal advocate for women and gender parity, Paris articulates the importance of women taking up the task of raising feminist men, in order for all of us to begin to see real change in business and society at large.

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Am I Living What I Really Believe In 

Amy Conway-Hatcher

Fierce advocate, warrior career mom, bold change maker and former federal prosecutor, Amy Conway-Hatcher recently joined Lesley for a compelling conversation on women, the professional disparities they face, and daring to live what we really believe in.

Amy speaks of how women are often the frog in the pot, remaining in limiting situations out of necessity. As Amy shared with Lesley, she experienced this as a multitude of papercuts that ultimately became one too many. Asking herself the question, will I continue to let the systems change me, lead me further away from myself, or will I step out and be the change the system needs, was a profound pivot moment.

Lesley and Amy discuss the complexities of women counseling their friends, sisters, daughters to walk away from situations that make them small, while personally remaining in those very systems.

Highly insightful is Amy speaking of conversations with women her senior pointing out the conversations around women in the workplace are the same as 20-30 years ago. Amy speaks clearly about the fact that the second women in law can’t advocate for themselves within the system, they are limited in their ability to advocate for women, as a whole. This conversation between two women committed to contributing to real change will inspire and challenge the listener to take a closer look at their own situation.

Connect with Amy:

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Real Talk About Publishing

Juliet Clark

Publisher, author, coach, consultant and podcaster host, Juliet Clark joins Lesley for a deep dive into the nuances of navigating from the traditional publishing world to marketing and advertising and ultimately, developing a boutique publishing company.

Juliet’s first book, which was written as a cathartic exercise during a torturous divorce, allowed her to both process the experience by murdering her husband on paper and introduced her to the, then standing, horrendous self-publishing business models of the moment. Two books and a great deal of focused research later, she was ready to launch a boutique publishing company that supports authors on many essential levels. Juliet speaks to the importance of creating a strong brand in advance of book release, so the book becomes a powerful credibility and nurture tool. She also addresses the growing focus on developing power partnerships vs just a social media presence and elaborates on the difference between the clicks gained through JV relationships and professional acceleration gained through authentic, power-sharing relationships.

Connect with Juliet on her websites www.superbrandpublishing.com & www.breakthroughauthormagazine.com.

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How Women Can Speak So Men Will Listen

Elizabeth Bachman

Elizabeth Bachman recently joined Lesley to discuss her journey from actress to director, to directing over 50 operas, featuring such luminaries as Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo, to forming a non-profit opera organization that supported young up and coming opera singers, to becoming THE go-to coach for professional women in leadership, to becoming a much sought-after speaker in her own right. As such, she is highly revered throughout Silicon Valley, as well as nationally and international. Elizabeth shares how this journey revealed that the skills to sell a product or company are not that different from selling a song. Learning how to be the person out front in order to build her non-profit organization taught her how to speak with authority so that both women and men would listen, skills she now passes onto high level women in tech and law. Elizabeth helps women understand how they are sabotaging themselves. One of the key points Elizabeth garnered though her many pivots was being able to ask for help without falling into the trap women fall into, of feeling like a failure because they can’t ‘do it all’ by themselves. Among the many interesting points Elizabeth discusses is understanding she’s developed by owning an international company about the difference in assumptions about how things work, based on different country cultures. Please join us for this fascinating conversation.  

Connect with Elizabeth on her website: https://elizabethbachman.com

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Living a Full-Time Travel Dream

Heather Markel

Heather Markel recently joined Lesley for an exciting conversation about her bold decision to shift from successful New York executive to being a single woman living an audaciously free worldwide experience. Sharing pivotal moments in this personal journey, Heather reveals the moment of learning to navigate from her heart instead of her head, the angst of where to land first, and her discovery of a surprising number of people already living either an expat or nomadic life. Heather also shares insights from her inner journey of learning to accept help and care, after a lifetime of supreme independence. Fascinating is how she is maximizing the blessing of our current virtual world, especially since COVID, to create her new full life. Through her business coaching, development of The Expat Coach Association and The Expat Coach Directory, and now coaching people interested in making a similar shift, Heather is building a network of friends that spans the Earth. This is a conversation that is sure to inspire and entertain.

Contact Heather on various platforms:

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Finding Belonging as Humans

Anna McAffee

Anna McAfee recently joined Lesley for a fascinating conversation about belonging, community, purpose, and how to implement social media for good. With a passion for taking the power of implementing values from small community groups to great industry Anna shares what she learned through the development of what became a worldwide phenomenon, #LinkedinLocal. What started as a simple human idea to help people strip away the sales pitch and replace it with a heart for diversity and authenticity, Anna and her team supported people worldwide in learning the importance of how to show up in community. Join Lesley and Anna for a powerful peek into how this simple idea, based on values driven commitment, had a social impact that ranges from special focus charities to support communities for immigrants in a new country. Anna’s vision of building sustainable communities from online to offline is filling gaps in the lives of people in over 92 countries. Anna is continuing to join with global warriors to create brave conversations about how we find belonging as humans, create safe spaces, and how we can lose them, if not intentional.

Learn more about Anna at www.annamcafee.com.au.

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STEM & Women as Peace Makers

Tsegga Medhin 

Lesley and Equity Accelerator, Tsegga Medhin recently shared a provocative conversation about how to be a changemaker in today’s complicated world. Tsegga shares the invitation to always Stand in Inquiry. The absence of peace right now is so vivid, across our planet, and standing in inquiry as to what is making us so violent, is a crucial point for developing understanding. Lesley and Tsegga dive into how women can be natural peacebuilders, by sharing the vast equity they have built through collaboration, across all lines. Making a difference everywhere we go by being the difference in order to build a legacy of kindness to our fellow human beings. From speaking at the UN to major major universities and other stages around the world, Tsegga encourages all with whom she speaks to access the universal value of compassion as their GPS. As a technologist she is also deeply involved in STEM education and shares how she sees this as a vehicle for leveling the equity field, referring to it as a weapon of mass connection. Her fascinating insights as to how STEM is a powerful key in resolving equity disparities has captured the fascination of leaders worldwide and will stimulate yours as well.

Learn more about Tsegga at www.thepearleadershipinstite.org.

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The Power of Our Stories

Sara Burke

Lesley was recently joined by Sara Burke, International Content Expert, Speaker, Author, Mother, Wife, Dog-mom, and Bourbon Connoisseur to discuss women, business, life and the ups and downs of each that enrich and inspire us. Join them as Sara shares her own story of growing up in extreme poverty, setting her sights on entrepreneurship and placing her feet solidly on the success path, early in life. Now she empowers women to discover their own brilliance and achieve personal freedom by supporting them to tell their stories.

Sara speaks to this being the time for us to build exactly what we want in the business world, and how learning to be okay with things not always being okay is key to this accomplishment. Lesley and Sara weave through conversation on how women work differently and how learning to be excited about knowing that they can figure things out legitimizes their unique experiences.

Connect with Sara at www.hlcc.me.

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Transitioning the Dialogue with Fear

Lisa Charles

Lesley recently had the pleasure of engaging in a powerful conversation about dealing with our fears with Lisa Charles, author of; Yes! Commit. Do. Live — a book of transformational change.

“If I don’t do this what will my life look like,” is the question that empowered Lisa to leave a 15-year career as a federal prosecutor to pursue her early dream of being an actor and singer. Lisa shares the fear and the breakthrough moments that fueled her successful stint in that industry, which included developing two well-received Jazz shows and twice appearing at Carnegie Hall. Neither life of fear were ready to let Lisa settle down yet. She shared with Lesley the challenges of a medical throat issue that required her to pivot her entire life, again.

Lisa describes how she learned to transition the dialogue with fear, and transform it into a fluid dance partner. A skill she now shares with people around the world and that helped her to become a broadly recognized Health Transitional Coach, an acclaimed Wellness Speaker and the Fitness/Wellness Research Coordinator at Rutgers.     
Learn more about Lisa on the web:
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Breaking the Seriousness Trap

Alaya Chadwick

Lesley sits down with Alaya Chadwick, M.Div., M.S.W. for a fun, informative and impactful conversation on how to fill our internal holes by remembering how to play. Alaya walks the listener through the experiences that caused her to become intensely serious about absolutely everything at age 8, and her ultimate emergence from those self-imposed restrictions.

Having translated all she learned from her own journey into a Master Class for clinicians, the work has touched the lives of everyday people around the globe and is now finding footing in the C-Suites of Fortune 250 and 500 companies.

The core of this conversation and Alaya’s work rests in helping individuals to learn to ‘make sense to themselves’ and to do it in a way that invigorates their lives and all that they do.

Check out Alaya’s website at www.sanctuarynh.com.

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Rising From the Ashes

Angela Leigh

Angela Legh joined with Lesley to share her fascinating life story is the inspiration for the children’s book series, The Bella Santini Chronicles. Through an unimaginable cycle of life repeating itself, Angela nearly drowned at six, followed by her family home burning to the ground. Years later, her adult family home burnt to ashes in the Tubbs Wildfire, and she nearly drowned while on holiday in Portugal. She shares her journey of life forcing her to stop and examine everything she had ever thought and believed of herself to discover the authentic Angela. Channeling what she was learning for herself into a series of children’s books she presents beautiful tales that give children permission to know their feelings and use them as sources of courage, resilience and inspiration. Join Lesley and Angela for an inspiring conversation filled with nuggets for rising from your own moments of fire and water.

The core of this conversation and Alaya’s work rests in helping individuals to learn to ‘make sense to themselves’ and to do it in a way that invigorates their lives and all that they do.

For more information, visit https://angelalegh.com.

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Changing Children’s Lives Through Music

Lori Williams

Weaving her way through the highly competitive challenges of the entertainment industry, is not for the faint of heart. Lori Williams sat down with Lesley to share the journey she was courageous enough to traverse in pursuit of her dream to become a professional singer and musical performer. Lori spent much of that long and winding path as an educator, teaching music to children in the school system.

The harshness and sometimes violence of the lyric she heard them playing inspired Lori to develop a music program that has become an international sensation, ‘Positive Music for Positive Minds’. Lori shares stories of weaving teaching, building her organization, performing, developing 6 CD’s and parenting together into a live of music and passion.

Connect with Lori at LoriJazz.com and PositiveMusicPM.org, or get in touch: 404-620-3576 | PositiveMusicPM@gmail.com.

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Claiming Our Passions, Voices, and Freedom

Wendi Kirby
From the confining restrictions imposed by her Mormon upbringing to her newly found freedom, Lesley recently had the opportunity to sit with Wendi Kirby. With courage and transparency Wendi shares her emotional restrictive experience of being raised in an environment that denied her the right to her very thoughts, lest they disappoint God. This same restriction convinced her that she had no right to dream of being a concert pianist. Her sole choice being to teach children and be a good and faithful wife. In 2008 Wendi was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. “I feel like being in the throat, it could be that “DNA expression” from repressing my voice…spending so many years keeping quiet and not speaking up for myself under fear or the belief that I “shouldn’t”, says Wendi. But his is not a sad story that Wendi shares. Rather one of grit, commitment to her own voice, and ultimate victory. It is a conversation, full of inspiration, about finding one’s own path to living fully and freely.  
Connect with Wendi at wkmusicstudio.com  or by email at wkirbya@gmail.com.
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Shaping Your Life-Brand

Irina Soriano
What exactly is a Life Brand and how does if differ from Personal Brand? Join Lesley as she sits down with brand expert and author of the recently released book, ‘Generation Brand’, Irina Soriano to discover the essential differences of each. While social media is a massive industry that influences everything from purchasing to politics many of its nuances remain mysterious to the majority. Irina discusses how this is particularly true of the younger Millennials and Gen-x demographic. Through this powerfully informative conversation Irina shares the potential impact that a single poorly considered post can have on one’s entire future. Irina shares her expertise on the different impacts in the confidence between women and men in their approach to social media, the crushing power of cancel culture, and cyber-bullying, and how to build a strong, positive, virtual presence. While her book was written to educate those under 30, she shares nuggets helpful to all ages both build a strong brand and protect against the pitfalls.
Connect with Irina at irinasoriano.com.
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The Edge of Everyday 

Sandra Bergman

We all have it. The dark and the light. The gentle and the harsh. We each have edges. They are throughout our world, our beings and our lives. Join Lesley as she sits down with Sandra Bargman who discusses ‘The Edge’.

In this provocative conversation about getting real with ourselves, Sandra reveals her own journey in coming to first understand, then make peace with her own edge. Delving into ‘The Edge of Everyday’ has informed all manifestations of Sandra’s work, from the NYC stage, to her inter-faith ministry, and even her political involvements.

Connect with Sandra at www.sandrabargman.com.

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Helping Women Win the Entrepreneurial Game 

Kat Ramirez

Lesley recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kat Ramirez. Business strategist, entrepreneur, mentor and social media advisor to companies worldwide. Kat shares her experiences the rewards and challenges of leading a woman-owned, veteran-owned and minority-owned business in the advertising and marketing marketplace. Valuable nuggets and insights fill their discussion about the value of women coming to terms with paying for mentorship and coaching support. And, more significantly the great personal and professional cost of only seeking Free support.

Kat shares her fascinating journey from the US Air Force, into the corporate world of television, and finally business ownership. Tune in to hear Kat’s inspiring personal rite of passage, making the great sacrifice of corporate stability to embrace a greater dream, that lead her into more of herself.

Connect with Kat at katherineramirez.net.

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With Grit and Grace 

Lisa DeFalco

Lesley recently sat in conversation with Lisa DeFalco to discuss how a girl from Newark, New Jersey came to found and then rise to drive a multi-million-dollar enterprise that serves companies around the world. With fierce candor Lisa shares her understanding that to succeed we must be willing to fall down, then get back up, brush off our knees and never give up on ourselves or our dream. In this engaging conversation Lisa shares her commitment to diversity within her company and gender equity as keys to innovation. She reveals that the secret to her success is having learned to listen within the quiet and teaching her team to do the same. Her passion for blending the essence of different people of both genders, multiple cultures and race and sexual orientations has helped her to build a team that knows how to thrive.

Even during the challenges of our pandemic, they were able to maintain coherence and express resilience. Lisa speaks to the ways that has them emerging with a whole new technology that she innovated, and a vigorous enthusiasm to continue to grow, individually and as a company.

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Millennials on the Move

Sorché Morgan

Bringing your unique gift to the world starts with brining your whole self and curiosity. Words that Sorchè Morgan lives by and discussed in her recent conversation with Lesley. As a lifelong student, entrepreneur and gypsy, Sorché has traveled through Europe, visited Indonesia, Japan and many other industrialized and 3rd world countries. The insights Sorche’ gained from these differing cultures provided a powerful conversation about how the richness of cultural diversity informs our ability to walk through life with more grace and gratitude.

Connect with Sorchè at sorche@thehummedia.com, http://www.thehummedia.com and http://www.thehummagazine.com.

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Millennials’ New Approach to Fashion Design with Sheyenne Sky

Sheyenne Sky 

Sheyenne Sky is an amazing example of how Gen-Z females are breaking barriers and company business practices that consider people and the planet, dispensable. Sky is a Diné (Navajo) fashion designer and the owner of Hozho Intl. Her collection is named after the Diné spiritual and philosophical concept, Hozho, which roughly translates to Peace, Balance, Harmony, and Beauty.

Connect with Sheyenne at Sheyenne@hozhointl.com and www.hozhointl.com.

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The West as Muse for DEI

Betsy Gaines Quammen PhD

Recently, Besty Gaines Quammen PhD sat down to discuss protection of our lands from broader perspectives than Lesley had ever considered. Betsy brings into focus new understandings of the issues around the abuse of our indigenous people in respect to what was their land. She shares knowledge gained from her experiences with religious communities that feel no obligation to care for the land to militia actions intent on removing indigenous people from what little we have left to them. Betsy also reveals her personal journey that informed the dedication to merge conservation with her commitment to DEI. She has a passion for breaking down the walls that have seen our public lands, i.e. national parks etc, as being only ‘white’ spaces. Much of her forward thinking this was impacted by years spent working with women in conservation. Betsy reveals the tremendous progress that she has both participated in and witnessed when women come into collaborative focus to restore what has been damaged and build new systems rooted in respect for both the land and the people that live on it.   

Connect with Betsy at https://www.betsygainesquammen.com.

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The War Against Human Trafficking

Dominique Roe-Sepowitz PhD

Are there topics that you find hard to address but know they are essential to understand?

Lesley recently spent a few hours with Dominique Roe-Sepowitz, MSW, Ph.D., a nationally recognized expert on human trafficking. Through WWSK, they are sharing some of that conversation as a means of spreading valuable insights. Join us as they discuss the enormous spread of trafficking in this country and the challenges faced by individuals like Dr. Roe-Sepowitz who are deep in the fight to create resolutions. Dr. Roe-Sepowitz also shares effective approaches for teaching our kids how to avoid becoming victims, along with access to the pamphlets she and her team created for educating parents and educators in easily identifying red flags.

Check out some of Dominique’s work on the School Sex Trafficking Prevention website: http://projectstarfish.education/.

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Classical Revolutionaries

Angella Ahn

With a grandmother courageous enough to leave North Korea for South Korea as a very young women, a mother who was a journalist before many women entered the field and who ensured that her three daughters got to see every arts performance and exhibition in South Korea until moving to NYC when they were barely in their double-digits Angella Ahn was born and raised by mighty women to be her own person. In conversation with Lesley, Angella shared her journey of balancing the sensibilities she developed as the product of two dynamically different cultures, her journey to independent personhood and the adventure of rising to be recognized as one of the world’s most respected female violinists. All of this leading her to Bozeman, Montana, where she is currently Associate Professor of Violin and Viola at Montana State University and where she was named both “Most Valuable Professor” and “Professor of the Month”.

Learn more about Angella at https://www.montana.edu/music/directory/1523848/angella-ahn. 

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Cultivating Steely Vulnerability

Jenna Ciralli

Have you ever dared to leap into the complete unknown to chase a dream?

This was the path of Jenna Ciralli, from the quiet prairies of Montana to NYC and back again. Lesley sat down with Jenna to discuss her life as an actress, writer. nominee for an Irene Ryan Award for her performance as Liz Morden in Timberlake Wertenberger’s “Our Country’s Good,” and founder of two NYC theater companies. Jenna credits this time with building her spine, teaching her how to produce her own work and build an artistic community.

Connect with Jenna at www.jennaciralli.com.

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Audaciously Claiming Your Space

Precious Williams

From being known as the lawyer who audaciously wore bright purple and pink suits into the courtroom, to pivoting into the world of a serial entrepreneur, internationally respected speaker and corporate trainer, Precious Williams brings life, authenticity, strategy, and boldness to the conversation with Lesley today. With courageous transparency Precious speaks of her fall from grace, the years of struggle and homelessness, the challenges she met head-on as a full-figured, woman of color, to rising like the brilliant phoenix she is. Grab a tissue and join Lesley as she and Precious discuss how all of us trip and how everyone of us can, not just rise, but soar higher than we ever dreamed possible. A not to be missed conversation.

As Precious Williams askes, “Have you ever met the full-figured diva who has taken the business world by storm and won BIG?” Williams is a world class master communicator who works with successful entrepreneurs and speakers, helping them to take their professional speaking skills to the next level.

To learn more about Perfect Pitches by Precious, please visit: perfectpitchesbyprecious.com.

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Film & Feminism 

Barbara Bentree 

Barbara Bentree joins Lesley to take WWSK listeners on a journey from rural Minnesota, into the heart of California’s music industry, and on to New Mexico as a budding film maker. Each longtime feminists, Barbara and Lesley bring a broad variety of topics to the conversation. Each that pointedly effect the lives of women. From ‘to mother’ or ‘not to mother’, to how we can do better for our boys so they grow into men equipped to engage in full partnerships with women, to the journey of older women who chose to have abortions during a period when it was illegal throughout most of the country. They discuss the power of film as a vehicle for educating society, lawmakers, as a tool for lawyers in court and a stage for giving voice.

Learn more about Barabara at http://www.jindojazz.com

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An Improvisational Life

Pati Hernandez

“We all need rehabilitation,” is a belief that has guided Pati Hernandez’s life. Fearless curiosity about others has informed her clear understanding that “We cannot ignore our differences any more than we can ignore our privileges.” Joining Lesley, Pati discusses the value of diving into the muddiness and imperfection of life, and an examination of how we regularly contribute to the building of social walls. Considering how we can reconcile what we are internally with what we have to be out in the world, in order to survive, Pati guides Lesley and you, the audience, on the journey of a lifetime. 

Learn more about Pati’s work at https://tellingmystory.org.

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Advocating for Our Planet & Future Generations 

Christi Cooper PhD

As a multi-award winning filmmaker, with an education in Neuroscience and Microbiology and sixteen years in stem cell research in Sweden, Christi Cooper PhD has a passion for making the world a better, healthier place. 

Join Lesley as Christy leads her through the journey of discovering the world of climate change. Through Christi’s story, you will receive an inside view of the courage demonstrated by those leading the charge for a commitment to change from the highest seats in, U.S. government, to include governments around the world. As Christi shares her journey, you will meet the youths who are courageously fighting for the life and wellness of the greatest female of us all. Mother Earth. Christi’s film that features the tenacity and struggles of these young advocates is titles, “Youth vs Gov.”

Connect with Christi at http://www.barrelmakerproductions.com.

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Healing our Sexual and Sensual Selves 

Kristy La Mariana

On today’s podcast Lesley is joined by Kristy LaMariana as they discuss how essential it is that, as women, we connect with the power of our own sexuality. We are taught from a young age to relate, exclusively through our sexuality, be this through overt training or subtle messaging. Kristy speaks on how restrictive training around sexuality, has and is still having, a negative effect on women, which is overflowing onto men’s understanding of their own sexuality. She illustrates how we are living through a pandemic but we are also living through a porndemic. Through her beautifully judgment-free delivery Kristy shares understanding around the effects of our cultural perceptions of sexuality and how to move beyond these to develop a greater state of self-love and self-esteem.

Learn more about Kristy’s work at https://www.oflo.co.

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The Art of Self-Love

Beth Ann Kennedy

Beth Ann Kennedy, Artistic Managing Director of the Bozeman Film Celebration, has been producing and directing live theatrical events since the mid 90’s throughout the USA, primarily in Washington, DC and NYC. Beth is a founding member of the Colorado Environmental Film Festival and a longtime member of SAG AFTRA. Her entrepreneurial spirit & professional contacts enabled Beth Ann to launch and manage the Bozeman International Film Festival, beginning in 2018. Under Beth Ann’s leadership, BZN Film Celebration is placing a primary focus on films about the great mother to us all, Mother Earth, and films written, directed and produced by women.

Learn more about Beth Ann at aunahil.com.

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Be Greater Than Average

Dr. Shelly Gruenig

Robotics is positioned to be an essential component of our future. This is now so broadly accepted that schools in five states have programs that allow kids to letter in STEM and Robotics, the same as they do for sports. 

Lesley speaks with Shelly about her journey from stay-at-home mom to leading an internationally respected robotics team of young people who will become our future STEM leaders. 

Mentoring young people to find their spark is the match that lights Shelly’s fire. Through this fascinating conversation around the importance of helping today’s kids map out their best journey to Become Greater Than Average.

Connect with Shelly at https://begreaterthanaverage.org/about-us/.

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Historical and Inter-generational Trauma

Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross

Dr. Carolyn Coker-Ross is an author, speaker and co-founder of the Institute for Antiracism and Equity which works with mental health, eating disorder and addiction treatment centers to develop and provide equitable and unbiased, culturally competent care and increase access to treatment to Black, Indigenous and other People of Color.

Carolyn joins Lesley to offer potent insights and understandings around Historical and Intergenerational Trauma, from its roots to its current generational effects.   

Learn more about Carolyn at https://www.anchorprogram.com.

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Age is Just a Number

Jane Bradley

“You did a good job…for a woman” is a back-handed compliment that has followed Jane Bradley throughout her illustrious career. From opening a major Art Gallery in her early 20’s, followed by the largest Art & Crafts Supply store and framing shop in New Mexico (Santa Fe) to being recruited the University of Arkansas as the first director of the Genesis Business Incubator to becoming involved with grants and technology transfer through the Russian Military during Perestroika, to, at the ripe young age of 78, founding one of the first online networks connecting high-level professional consultants and companies seeking their services, it is fair to say Jane Bradley has lived her entire life as a wild adventurer and serial entrepreneur.

Where did Jane find the audacity to go where no women had previously dared? How does she keep reinventing herself to lead and succeed in fascinating new directions?  How did disregard the, “but women can’t…..” naysayers to maintain her excitement for cutting-edge entrepreneurialism? Join as Jane shares her secrets to success, personal strength and unwavering curiosity.

To learn more about Jane’s latest professional development, Smartspider PROS, go to SmartSpider.net.

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Racial Disparity in Higher Education

Sarah Berger

Growing up in NYC, Sarah Berger was profoundly affected by the many people and cultures that welcomed her in. This was the beginning of her passion for promoting social justice and equity. 

Join Lesley as she speaks with Sarah about her journey of carrying this focus into her career at Dartmouth College. Sarah shares her respect for the challenges of many of the students she works with and the creation of greater support within the systems of higher education. Translating the continuous learning involved into practical concrete actions, Sarah Berger, is a Senior Advisor for The Health Professions Program at Dartmouth College. 

Connect with Sarah at https://www.dartmouth.edu/prehealth/about/whoweare.html.

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Walking Your Right Talk

Anne Sermon Gillis

We are a country that celebrates wealth and chases money under the illusion that it is the doorway to freedom. But freedom requires an ease and confidence that touches us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Lesley is joined by Anne Sermons Gillis to discuss how, what the majority of us want is freedom from worry about money and the crippling addiction of worrying about money. Not the least of the resets we must achieve in order to experience freedom is learning balance in walking our talk. As Anne shares, “You can walk yourself into Hell walking your talk. So, we’ve got to be saying the things that support us and support others. We are in it together. Humanity is a team sport.”

Learn more about Anne at http://www.annegillis.com/subscribe.html.

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