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From innovation and social evolution—to passion, business and creative alliance—the Women We Should Know podcast is a platform for presenting the wisdom and life-empowering insights of women who are the embodiments of inclusivity and social evolution. Gain inspiration, progressive ideas and actionable tips for letting your greatest self take center-stage in your life.

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Ep. 101 |Women Claiming Their Power via Owning Their Money

Madeline Vetrano

In my recent conversation with financial expert Madeline Vetrano she discussed the challenges faced by women climbing the career ladder in that industry. Madeline also revealed that financial infidelity, often referred to as financial adultery, has become the #1 prevailing issue in escalating divorce rates. She revealed that many of her female clients are caught in the crossfire of being named on all debts but not on the assets represented by those loans.

Madeline speaks of the increasing number of female clients she works with who find themselves in critical credit card debt due to trying to make a career in multi-level marketing (MLM), network marketing, or associate marketing. Research reveals that around 5% of all women in these industries actually make money, the rest often fall out of the industry or into crimpling debt. Tune in to hear Madeline’s actionable starting points for building a solid credit history and making your money work for you instead of overwhelming you.

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